Why China is a Big Manufacturing Country?

Since the reform and opening up in China, the rapid development of economy makes China becomes a major exporter in the world. Why China is a big manufacturing country in the world? There are some reasons.

Lower Wages

China is home to approximately 1.35 billion people, which makes it the most populous country in the world. The  tells us that since the supply of workers is greater than the demand for low-wage workers, wages stay low. Moreover, the majority of Chinese were rural and lower-middle-class or poor and until the late 20th century when internal migration turned the country’s rural-urban distribution upside-down. Immigrants to industrial cities are willing to work many shifts for low wages.

China doesn’t follow laws related to child labor or  which are more widely observed in the West. However, this situation may change. According to the  from 2009 to 2014 minimum wages have almost doubled in mainland China. Shanghai’s minimum hourly rate is now up to 17 ($2.78) per hour or 1,820 yuan ($297.15) a month. In Shenzhen the rate is 1,808 yuan per month ($295.19) and 16.50 yuan ($2.69) per hour based on an  of 1 yuan = $0.16. The huge labor pool in China helps to produce in bulk, accommodate any  requirement, and even cater to sudden rises in th

Business Ecosystem

Industrial production does not take place in isolation, but rather relies on networks of suppliers, component manufacturers, distributors, government agencies and customers who are all involved in the process of production through competition and cooperation. The business ecosystem in China has evolved quite a lot in the last thirty years.  a city bordering Hong Kong in the south-east, has evolved as a hub for the electronics industry. It has a cultivated an ecosystem to support the manufacturing supply chain, including component manufacturers, low cost workers, a technical workforce, assembly suppliers and customers.

These two reasons indicate that why China becomes a big manufacturer Country in the world. Do you really know about China?


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Keep a clear head
Never give up when you meet the difficulties in start an understanding. Venture beginning will always be difficult, but once you overcome the difficulties, decided to go on enduring, you will find that every difficult is nothing. So we must learn to win without pride, lose with grace, and persist in the end.
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Ice Cream Wafer biscuit

Our group of complexioned joints and sun burnt shoulders  might spend an excellent 15 minutes pushing  our noses contrary to the cold glass of your soft ice cream} case. We’d always  find yourself} selecting the identical treats, but previously , using a choice helped me feel more than my six-year-old self.  Undoubtedly , We would buy a classic soft ice cream meal . It absolutely was  no  sweepstakes : the Redevelops, Fungicides and Creaminess were nothing in comparison with biting into your brown lightly cake-like cookie and creamy vanilla scented soft ice cream .

To tell the truth,haven’t enjoyed a classic frozen treats sandwich in years|times  – I’m worried  that they can won’t meet my remembrances but I don’t have any  trouble experiencing soft ice cream sandwiches having a twist. Not long ago I had created a maple bacon soft ice cream sandwich at  Meat & Bread in Calgary . I love fairly sweet and salty desserts so that it had not been surprise when I fell in love slightly .

I haven’t tried my hand at making soft ice cream snacks before, but while checking out the area food store my personal favorite things you can do on holiday in San Sebastian, Spain, I saw perfectly  height and width of soft ice cream sandwich wafers.  I had been so excited I literally squeaked.

There was clearly} soft ice cream , obviously , in perfect soft ice cream sandwich prism form! Soft ice cream sandwich making is serious business within Spain. I absolutely needed to buy some sandwich making supplies and the brown sugar bacon soft ice cream sandwiches are classified as the result.

Salty, sweet, stiff candied  bread  bites with creamy  vanilla flavor soft ice cream and crisp wafers…these sandwiches  are certainly a success. The bacon bits  by themselves are extremely good when I needed to stop  personally  from devouring them.  Even though  you’re not into soft ice cream sandwiches, do  your own  favor  and produce  these bacon bits!

How to Make Wafer Biscuit at Home

There are affordable and nutritious wafer biscuit can be said that many children love to eat snacks, especially with the sweet and sour homemade strawberry sauce as a snack, or with ice cream for dessert, it is really very interesting to the child’s appetite.
1442_P_1461288011328 1442_P_1461288011692 12493K622-0 428631_201605251501591bnGd       Plain flour or whole wheat flour – 1 cup
Sugar — sugar substitute
Baking powder – 2 tsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Milk / or low-fat milk –3 tablespoons
Water – 1 cup
Eggs – 1
Where Nila fragrance – 1/4 optional
Corn oil / melted butter – may not be added to produce low-fat waffles practice
1. Combine your flour, baking powder, milk powder, salt and sugar in a large bowl.
2. Whip the eggs and put water in a separate container, mix flavors.
3. Stir in the egg mixture and then pour in the flour and mix until fully integrated.
4. Then stir in 2 tablespoons corn oil or melted butter, stir the batter until smooth.
5. Then follow your waffle maker instructions, preheated waffle machine five minutes
6. Pour 1 tablespoon of batter, and so the batter covered with tiny bubbles, built bake about 6 minutes, until no steam can come out.

Delicious Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream


       As we all know that peanut butter is not just for lunch boxes, it is an inexpensive, versatile ingredient flavoring up anything from savory soups to sweet pies. Plan your meals around this kitchen mainstay with these peanut butter recipes. There are some amazing recipes out there, I think you will  can’t help yourself.   I’m not sure if there is a more classic dessert flavor combination than chocolate and peanut butter. Let’s get down to business, there is some crazy goodness ahead.
       Delicious Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream
names      If you’re interesting in eating peanut butter and chocolate together, i think you must like to eat peanut butter cups.  Once you are like to eat peanut butter cups, I’m sure you’ll agree with that peanut butter cups are really, really awesome when they’re fresh out of the freezer. So it’s really  enjoyment to put them in ice cream, where you can eat a piece of frozen peanut butter cup in every bite. Eating peanut butter ice cream is a enjoy to relax yourself at any place.
         Eating peanut butter ice cream cone is worth every calorie in your body. It’s worth every peanut buttery, a bit high sodium and chocolatey chunky bite. It was worth the extra 2 miles I needed to run at the gym today as well as the salad I ate for lunch. You have to ensure it is, especially if you’re in one of these places right now, or if you’re just wanting chocolate-peanut butter things.

Design of Ice Cream Cone

In our life, there are various different ice cream cone with different color. And you can find three principal kinds of ice cream cone; the cake cone, the waffle cone, and also the sugar cone. The waffle cone is characterized by a rough or unfinished top edge. The sugar cone is made with similar materials and process as a waffle cone but has a finished top edge and often a chocolate lining.
The waffle pattern on all types of cones, the finished side of the sugar cone, as well as the model of the flat-bottomed cone  significantly influence the ease which the finished cones come out of the molds. Cone designers refine the waffle pattern as well as other shape characteristics and then make trial batches to get the best design that releases from the mold without having to burn, breaking, or creating weak spots that will not hold ice cream or will break once the scoop is used. The molded cone includes a lip around the top that keeps drips contained inside of the cone. The row of teeth helps firmly seat the inside track of ice cream and supplies added strength where the upper lip of the cone meets the round base.
Shapes and patterns will influence the baking characteristics. The finished cone should be uniform colored as well as shiny on the outside of. It should bake uniformly so that all sides are thoroughly cooked. The dimensions is essential because cones are required to hold single, double, and triple scoops. The first scoop has to fill the cone and weight the bottom without disappearing completely to the cone, along with the third scoop shouldn’t overpower the cone and cause it to break or tip too easily. The filled cone should look equally appetizing whether it has one, two, or three flavors atop it.
Strength is a crucial characteristic, not only to the consumer who holds it. Cones must withstand pre filling within the factory if they are useful for frozen treats just like the Drumstick. Unfilled cones have to be packed together by mechanical devices. The cones must “nest” neatly to permit efficient packing. Minimal packing materials are utilized to cushion the cones, due to the fact of cost.
Taste is the vital thing design factor. Ice Cream cones ought to be crisp rather than spongy and engaging. The ice cream is the featured food, and so the cone must complement its quality. So understand ice cream cone design processing is good for you to make a



The Best Delicious Wafer in the World.


If you wanna ask whether there is a type of biscuit is popular around the world, and the answer must be wafer. Why? Because nearly everyone can afford it and you can buy them anywhere in market. Wafer usually taste mellow sweet and tender, it usually with layer after layer, and the taste can get better with the different levels. But for people who are losing weight may not eat too much, wafer biscuits is more suitable to eat when people are hungry. Although some wafers have high calories, but that still could not withstand the people’s love to it.  Here will show you some different wafer biscuits to you.


wafer biscuit


This kind of wafer biscuit is very popular in Germany. On of the advantages of the Knoppers is  that its each piece of biscuit contains five layers: chocolate, milk layer, waffles, hazelnut chocolate sauce, wafer. When you biting, the crispy biscuits plus rich chocolate sauce, sweet but not greasy, crisp will make you happy. A lot of people used to eat them as breakfast with milk.


Loacker wafer is Italy’s most popular waffles, but also beloved by many people in the world. This kind waffle taste delicious with hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla options. It taste no dry in your mouth. Crispy wafer and smooth chocolate aroma mellow fusion well which make people satisfied. Many people think that it’s really delicious to praise. With previously described is not the same, this is every piece individually wrapped, you can keep eating slowly and to be close at hand at any time you want to enjoy.


This wafers come from Austria which has five-layer structure, but not very popular in the domestic German as Knoppers. It is also a very delicious wafer biscuits. The first layer is a wafer, and the second layer is a creamy, hazelnut third layer is the fourth layer of chocolate, the fifth layer is a chocolate wafer. Tasting very sweet but not greasy, crisp and quit, what the more important is that the prices are more affordable, every people can buy them to eat.

Similarly another from Germany Sondey waffles, there are two different levels, layer 3 and layer 5. 5 layers and Knoppers wafer similar layer comprising a layer of milk, compared with hazelnut chocolate sauce 3 layers sandwiched between two thin wafers being, do not have another flavor. A few slices of crisp saltine crackers, accompanied by a cup of milk, is a beautiful morning of.


4.Hazelnut chocolate sandwich wafer

A very popular waffles Malaysia by delicious chocolate cream wrapped wafer pieces, add crunchy hazelnut composition, taste very wonderful. Bite, you can feel the sandwich does have enough chocolate and hazelnut, really worthy of the best food in Malaysia waffles, delicious and not greasy.