How to eat snacks with health?

Because people think that snack always with too much sugar, oil, man-made chemical additives, dyes, preservatives and some other bad things in it. Thus, people think that if one every day eat such food, he will become unhealthy. So, eating snacks is usually a bad habits. Usually, people should meet three meals a day, drink some tea to relax, replenish energy, it is an ideal arrangement.

But in other words, we are not living in an ideal society, every day we face a lot of pressure in life or work which will encounter all sorts of unpleasant things. So snacks as a food, occasionally vent about the backlog of negative emotions.But the key is to not take much, but do not eat too pernicious thing.

So, are you ready to take more nutritious and less pollution snacks? Act action.

What are the healthy snacks?

Miscellaneous nuts

trail-mix-900x900 Buying cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, pine nuts, raisins, wolf-berries, pumpkin kernels, Terminalia, longan and the like, mixed together to eat. So try to buy organic products and try to buy untreated nuts- baked, fried or the like.




Wafer biscuits

imagesSome of the market pre-packaged waffles with less oil, salt, sugar and chemical additives with high in fiber, it is be worth to considering.


Seaweed roll

The carrot, celery, cucumber, pear, apple can be cut into finger strips(less salt and monosodium glutamate); you can also add a little sauce to taste.


Fruit ice cream

bkn-20150706130817331-0706_00982_001_01b Cutting banana into pieces and put into the refrigerator more than six hours, then mixing them like ice cream. You can also added mango, melon, star fruit, papaya, nuts, chocolate chips, wheat germ, sesame and so on.


From today, to develop healthy habit to eat snack. Your body will thank you very much in the future. More about healthy food, please like me.




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