The Best Delicious Wafer in the World.


If you wanna ask whether there is a type of biscuit is popular around the world, and the answer must be wafer. Why? Because nearly everyone can afford it and you can buy them anywhere in market. Wafer usually taste mellow sweet and tender, it usually with layer after layer, and the taste can get better with the different levels. But for people who are losing weight may not eat too much, wafer biscuits is more suitable to eat when people are hungry. Although some wafers have high calories, but that still could not withstand the people’s love to it.  Here will show you some different wafer biscuits to you.


wafer biscuit


This kind of wafer biscuit is very popular in Germany. On of the advantages of the Knoppers is  that its each piece of biscuit contains five layers: chocolate, milk layer, waffles, hazelnut chocolate sauce, wafer. When you biting, the crispy biscuits plus rich chocolate sauce, sweet but not greasy, crisp will make you happy. A lot of people used to eat them as breakfast with milk.


Loacker wafer is Italy’s most popular waffles, but also beloved by many people in the world. This kind waffle taste delicious with hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla options. It taste no dry in your mouth. Crispy wafer and smooth chocolate aroma mellow fusion well which make people satisfied. Many people think that it’s really delicious to praise. With previously described is not the same, this is every piece individually wrapped, you can keep eating slowly and to be close at hand at any time you want to enjoy.


This wafers come from Austria which has five-layer structure, but not very popular in the domestic German as Knoppers. It is also a very delicious wafer biscuits. The first layer is a wafer, and the second layer is a creamy, hazelnut third layer is the fourth layer of chocolate, the fifth layer is a chocolate wafer. Tasting very sweet but not greasy, crisp and quit, what the more important is that the prices are more affordable, every people can buy them to eat.

Similarly another from Germany Sondey waffles, there are two different levels, layer 3 and layer 5. 5 layers and Knoppers wafer similar layer comprising a layer of milk, compared with hazelnut chocolate sauce 3 layers sandwiched between two thin wafers being, do not have another flavor. A few slices of crisp saltine crackers, accompanied by a cup of milk, is a beautiful morning of.


4.Hazelnut chocolate sandwich wafer

A very popular waffles Malaysia by delicious chocolate cream wrapped wafer pieces, add crunchy hazelnut composition, taste very wonderful. Bite, you can feel the sandwich does have enough chocolate and hazelnut, really worthy of the best food in Malaysia waffles, delicious and not greasy.


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