What the real difference between the gas heating way and electric heating way?

1442_P_1461288011692          What the real difference between gas heating way and electric heating way about wafer biscuit making process? The big difference among them is that the baking oven. Gas heating way wafer biscuit machine has the baking oven only use gas. But the electric heating way wafer biscuit making machine has the baking oven only need the electric.

Which one is more suitable for you just according to your country. If your country have enough electric energy, you can choose the electric as your heating way, because the rich electric wouldn’t expensive, you can reduce your money in opening a factory. But some countries, they don’t have so much electric energy, their government support using gas energy, so you can choose the this heating way as your energy. You should pay more attention to the heating way before you buying it. And any other questions about this machine. Please do not make any decision quickly, which can reduce your troubles. So if you have some other questions, you would better make a detailed consultation.


How to select biscuits?

Anything when choosing with  unright ways, it will be harmful to your health. Many people like to eat wafer biscuit in their life, but as we all know that wafer have high calories, so if you choose in unright way, it will make you fat.

So how to choose wafer biscuit?

(1):try to choose wafer biscuit with low-fat, low-sugar and low-calorie biscuits. Just pay attention to the packaging of the nutrition label, do not choose high choices wafer biscuit, high sugar and high-calorie varieties on it.

(2):drink plenty of water, because too much water biscuits can reduce appetite. In addition, the moisture to make the cake of starch made large which will let you control the amount included.

All in all, though delicious cookies, but eat less and taste, eat bad belly. Want a happy, perfectly healthy to eat cookies, it must be a moderation.

So if you know these rules, you can enjoy your delicious wafer biscuit in anytime you want.
I think it will be fat

What a Amazing About Wafer Biscuit Making Machine?

Recently, I bought a very good wafer bowl making machine, and when I was browsing on the Internet, I happened to see the wafer bowl making machine. First of all, I think, “it’s good to look at it,so you can try!”


When I read the description of the machine,I found that,the machine is driven by the 3 phase power and baking oven is heating with gas(natural gas or liquid gas). Furthermore,the producing ability is very high and it is all automatic from spraying the batter, baking, forming,falling off from molds,conveying products,stacking and counting,so I bought it without think twice.

When I was using the machine, I found that this machine was too weird and did not let me down. According to the description, I started my adventure. My God, it’s amazing. The same machine can make bowl-shaped cup with different specifications and shapes with changing the different molds.I used this machine to make some shapes very easily,such as rolled ice cream cone,bowl shape cone,egg roll,and wafer biscuit cone.A great cone! At the same time, my house was filled with wonderful smells, and I was filled with a sense of accomplishment.
I strongly recommend this machine.What a great addition to any household that loves ice cream!!

If you are also interested in this machine, you can view the website: http://www.biscuit-machines.com get more details.

Often Eat Pizza Cone Can Reduce Risk of Cancer

3ab38d00-d490-4a79-ac56-6cc3ea8854c9 7 20146715397 images        In fact, the sauce Lycopene is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of developing esophageal cancer about 59 percent, the researchers said.
In addition, eating pizza can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 26%, and 34% of oral cancer, the researchers found.
Meanwhile, the researchers cautioned that pizza is not a cure for cancer, in and of itself. Healthy lifestyle and diet also helps.
According to BBC reports, the study from the comparison of those with certain cancers and who are not with cancers, the people who  eating  can help people to reduce the recurrence of cancer.

“We know that tomato sauce could offer protection against certain tumors, but we did not expect pizza as a complete meal also to provide such protective powers,” Silva no chicken Dr. Mario Negri Institute pharmaceutical Research in Milan, who led the study, said from BBC. More information about pizza cone making machine, please view the website: http://www.biscuit-machines.com

The Development of Sugar Cone

Cones pizza instead of the traditional way of eating pizza, a different creative change people’s impression of Pisa, on the basis of care pizza tastes through constant innovation, people created a suitable shape for mass tastes. The pizza cone dozens of rich flavors of pizza filling into pie shaped like a cone of ice cream bowl. The pizza cone’s shape not only cute, but also very delicious.  Sweet, salty, spicy, hemp and dozens rich taste everything you can find in it, which can meet the different tastes of the customer to choose. The main ingredients of dozens of rich flavors, to meet teenage children from, to stylish young men and women, etc. different age groups choose to taste, taste wild, fast and convenient! mass consumption, the price of civilians
Georgia, everyone could afford to eat, everyone love to eat! The nutritional value of pizza cone is higher than the pizza.
Pizza cone of bread contain enough carbohydrates, vegetables contain fiber and vitamins, and the inside of the cheese can provide rich in protein and calcium. And it contains protein easily absorbed by the body.


What a rally amazing is that a recent study experts showed that these people who often eat crazy flavor cones pizza, they  get cancer of the pharynx can be low than average probability of 34%, the probability of esophageal cancer can be was low at

59%. What an amazing thing!

Why So Many People Like to Eat Instant Noodles

       It’s no secret a lot of us Asians love eating instant noodles. Some people call them two-minute noodles. Others ramen, instant ramen.
        Living in Malaysia and Singapore as a kid, my mum made steaming hot bowls of prawn-flavoured Maggi soup noodles for Saturday lunches. I licked every bowl clean. After nearly ten years living in Melbourne, my taste for instant noodles hasn’t waned one bit – I still eat Maggi noodles once per week for lunch most Saturdays.
Many of us
Asians love consuming instant noodles because it’s cheap. Asians are cheap. We can obtain a pack of Indomie Mi Goreng or Nissin noodles for 30 cents a packet in the Asian grocery shops in Melbourne. Ideal for Asian international students on a tight budget in Australia. Great for a twenty-something Chinese Australian like me on a tight budget, attempting to secure a well balanced job in the local Caucasian-dominated, white-collar workforce so as to pay the bills.
       We’re keen on instant noodles because they’re convenient, quick and easy meals. Not much cooking expertise needed except cooking water and pouring it over noodles. Which is why the fast-and-efficient Asian within me loves making instant noodles for supper on lazy Saturday mornings – dish washing doesn’t take enough time.
1449106466608867It’s hard to get tired of eating instant noodles as there are a lot of flavours to choose from, tasty flavours too. Which Asian person having a strong palate doesn’t just like a flavourful meal? Only then do we have the choice of personalising our instant noodle meals with anything we likegreat for us Asians who choose heaping food on the plates. Personally, I like plain soup instant noodles for any quick snack, and noodles with the egg and chicken slices to make it a bit more of meal.
      Also, creating instant noodles is fun; there are so many methods to cook the different varieties of it. Dishing straight up or curly instant noodles with broth, fried inside a pan, you name it. And many Asians aren’t only big on eating, but big on cooking food and cooking way more portions everybody can eat as well. It’s no real surprise instant noodles aren’t good for us. They’re unhealthy foods, junk food with additives and artificial flavours (including the chocolate flavoured ones). High in salt and MSG that get us totally hooked on them. And rumour has it this makes our hair give up.

       The more we eat instant noodles, the more we become lazy. Lazy to cook. Lazy to maintain our overall health. The more we have quick meal fixes, the more we get used to feeling instant gratification from eating, feeling full after eating a tasty feed. And empty, wanting for more.

  600x400_7bb3aed2a0ffb5f6992e4838a2c57dfc     The flavour of Chinese Malaysian food around australia pales in comparison to the dishes in my parents’ hometown, and I also don’t realize sick and tired of eating Western food in Melbourne. Every time the pungent, savoury spices of Saturday’s instant noodle lunch hit my tongue, I’m transported back to a period in Malaysia where I needed instant noodle lunches along with the family, a time when no one laughed inside my Chinese meal. A time in Singapore where I went to school camp, cooked Maggi noodles on a portable gas stove on the ground in the center of a deserted forest with a bunch of Chinese friends, laughing.

      And so eating these noodles jogs my memory of the items it’s prefer to belong. What it really means to be Chinese. What it feels to get rid of an element of myself as I’m staring down at an empty bowl in my house at noon on Saturdays, alone, the final items of chicken-seasoned-soup lingering on my tongue. We eat to relive moments, or at least attempt tofood is associated with culture, memories of a certain place. Not just are we nourished physically whenever we eat, but emotionally too, maybe for a couple moments. More details, please  view the web: http://www.longer-china.com/product/noodle/ and leave your message about instant noodels.

Candied Peanut

4710115663_607865056eCandied Peanut


        Are you aware steps to make peanut candy? Do you love to eat peanut candy? Here, I could tell several stories about peanut candy, but I’ll just skip all of that stuff for the time being and scoot right to the products.

        In fact, I prefer to eat peanuts greatly! Not only are they absolutely taste brittle and the easier candy you may make, but additionally should you keep a sack of peanut candy making machine and peanuts available, you may make peanut candy in a very small amount of time.You are able to serve them as a snack in your house lunch, or after dinner, in a big bowl in order to everyone have opportunity to eat it.

Or you can to combine these candied peanuts with soft ice cream, which is a new work for balance people. This particular attempt along will beloved by many people in the foreseeable future. A few chopped and sprinkled on the spinach salad or order of coleslaw could be pretty terrific, for all those searching for savory apps. And at the risk of infuriating any purists, topping a bowl of Asian noodles.

       You can purchase a few bags of smoked salt from market, since with this salt ca make peanut candy smell tastier. However, the odor of smoke made people almost want to go back home as quickly as possible from Paris. You should use any salt you think is interesting, such as cinnamon salt or coarse sea salt.You may also then add spices at the end. However, resist the temptation to be too picky (should you include front of them, ‘ burning.); These simple candied peanuts will taste great. And when you tilt out your first batch of candied peanuts, you’ll beam with pride such as the accomplished candy market that you’ve just become. More details, please contact with serena@machinehall.com