Development of food machinery industry

Food Machinery as an important integral the main food industry has ushered in the golden era of development after several years of development. Food machinery industry has become a real commodity related products, and as people’s living requirements improve, the increase prospects of the industry is becoming more broad.

After three decades of development, China is one of the food processing power, speculate of the late start, the industrial base is not solid and other issues, China’s food processing industry, there is a great shortage than abroad. Currently, the development of the earth’s enhanced food machinery have shown mechanical, electric, gas, liquid, light, magnetism,producing high-efficiency, energy-saving products recyclable technology, high-tech and useful, intelligence continues to be a trend, this should also be the key direction of growth and development of China’s food machinery industry, but also to the food processing power shift to pass.

In fact, multiple groups of data prove that the total amount of China’s equipment manufacturing economy has been ranked first worldwide for four continuous years, especially construction machinery, physical and electrical products, machine tools, port facilities, shipbuilding along with other industries. However, “Made in China” throughout the world, long viewed as low quality, low price, labor-intensive, technical complexity content articles are not synonymous. In the process of industrial increase in 2014 after which, China is constantly promote the creation of intelligent equipment industry.

With the accelerating pace of social development, the demand for automation is expanding with a wide range of areas from manufacturing engineering, social, and life. The first work in a structured environment automaton factory or industrial robots, suitable for large-scale, less flexible, and adjustments in the development environment, there is absolutely no too much demands on the level of intelligence, and automatic machines from the broad aspects of need, the to fulfill the different needs of different unstructured environment, you will need a comprehensive incorporated and autonomous capability to integrate the technology is characterized by indications of intelligent robot development. So if you want to open a automatic food processing factory, just action now. Or contact with me


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