Peanut Butter Ball Making

       These easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls are melt in your mouth delicious! I’d say they rival that peanut butter & chocolate candy you can buy in the checkout lane of your local supermarket. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls. Every year around October the family starts requesting these and I start craving them. I’ve been making these in the Holidays since the kids were little and they’re always a crowd pleaser. I’ve even given them away as gifts (in cute boxes comparable to these), since these are so worthy of gifting giving. Just place them in an ornamental tin and you’ve got something chocolate peanut butter lovers will love you for.
     undipped-peanut-butter-balls 348564 FN_Peanut-Butter-Balls picRZ5iRv    Through the years We have thoroughly tested a wide variety of variations of Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls recipes and each time I find themselves returning to that one. If you like more texture and crunch, you can include in 3 glasses of crushed rice cereal. Just measure out 3 cups and provide them just a little crush. Don’t pulverize them, just break them up a little. Add these after you’ve added the powdered sugar.You can use different versions of chocolate to dip these in. You need to use semi-sweet chocolate sliced up after which melted. You need to use semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted. I’ve always had achievement and like the chocolate candy coating (or chocolate almond bark as it’s also known as). It gives it such a great texture and is very easy to work with. But, if you prefer a darker chocolate coating, try the semi-sweet options.

        The dipping method We have perfected and unperfected over the years. Meaning, some time it just seems to work and they look great along with years it appears like I made them inside my sleep. Place the the peanut butter balls on a skewer and dip them this way or use my strange method. I personally use two spoons. I dip the ball within the chocolate with one spoon after which remove it and toss it back and forth in between each spoon. Sounds just a little weird maybe, but it’s what’s worked for me time and time again. The balls appear to turn out perfectly coated. The peanut butter must be made by peanut butter making machine, it will taste more butter.

       Alright, here’s how to make these lovelies. Warning: once you make them for friends and family, they’ll request them over and over again. Oh, and they’re super addicting…like chips…you can’t eat just one.

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