What is paste noodles?

paste   We all know that pasta is a homemade diet, but the pasta is not easy to  cook very delicious, how to make pasta? In the cooking time, how long time does cooking pasta need? There are many homemade pasta practices, but the restaurant can also said that everyone knows this dishes, the tomato paste and curry pasta how to do it was the most delicious? Let us briefly explain the above problems. In Western restaurant, we can see a wide variety of pasta dishes on Italy, pasta is a lot of practice, some very simple, but also very luxurious. Italian pasta can be used with a variety of materials in stir fry, baked macaroni with respect to, the speculation is relatively simple. At home, not only can freely mix the material, but also easier to use, and it is easier to grasp step cooking. Fried macaroni advantage is that the taste of other ingredients fused to retain the nutritional value of pasta, but also into the other nutritional ingredients. Different from other pasta noodles, Paste has very strong tenacity which makes it more difficult to cook. Usually it noodles superheated twenty-three minutes can be picked up, but the pasta is usually more than 15 minutes to cook.  Thus, you can make more delicious paste with yourself in your home.

If you are interested in making paste noodles, please like me here. More details, please contact with serena@machinehall.com



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