The Development of Sugar Cone

Cones pizza instead of the traditional way of eating pizza, a different creative change people’s impression of Pisa, on the basis of care pizza tastes through constant innovation, people created a suitable shape for mass tastes. The pizza cone dozens of rich flavors of pizza filling into pie shaped like a cone of ice cream bowl. The pizza cone’s shape not only cute, but also very delicious.  Sweet, salty, spicy, hemp and dozens rich taste everything you can find in it, which can meet the different tastes of the customer to choose. The main ingredients of dozens of rich flavors, to meet teenage children from, to stylish young men and women, etc. different age groups choose to taste, taste wild, fast and convenient! mass consumption, the price of civilians
Georgia, everyone could afford to eat, everyone love to eat! The nutritional value of pizza cone is higher than the pizza.
Pizza cone of bread contain enough carbohydrates, vegetables contain fiber and vitamins, and the inside of the cheese can provide rich in protein and calcium. And it contains protein easily absorbed by the body.


What a rally amazing is that a recent study experts showed that these people who often eat crazy flavor cones pizza, they  get cancer of the pharynx can be low than average probability of 34%, the probability of esophageal cancer can be was low at

59%. What an amazing thing!


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