Almond Peanuts Processing Methods

%e5%8e%bb%e7%9a%ae%e6%9c%ba   Almonds and peanuts are very common nuts in our daily life. They has been processed into many kinds of snacks, such as nutty sauce, nuts candy, ice cream and so on. But how to process them? It is a very important things for some businessmen to their products.
    Commonly, the nuts process are always by hands. The worker will shell the nuts by their hands, or sometimes also used the machine to shell the nuts. And then the nuts which has been shelled will be made into the butter. Do you know how many nuts we usually to eat? There are walnuts, pecan, pine nuts, almond almond of the Aerospace, cashew nuts of the Auricular. The pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, almond, mn08_004cashew nuts are  the world’s four dried fruit. Nuts also is a traditional medicine. Qi nourishing, moistening phlegm, warm lung intestines, the role of scattered swelling disinfection. The making  technology always can be divided into the raw material process, nuts shell process, dry nuts, removing the skin, grading nuts, packaging these nuts.  The nuts shelling process is also is very important for the whole processing. This step can be replace by the nuts shelling machine, the speed will more quickly than artificial.
   Then put the nuts mixing with some seasoning, finally they can be made into very delicious foods. The whole nuts (generally selected smaller particles) plus seasoning fried, can be made of fragrant, crisp, delicious food nutrition. The process is generally: raw material treatment (sorting, washing, drying, grading, etc.), the first fried, sifted, dip flavoring, drained, complex fried, cooling, packaging and sealing.

How to Make the Cassava Starch?

88431454b7b04f1fb609fe245f2e3f64 20141110101819-847209480Cassava starch is a very common food materials in our daily life. Have you eat any foods be made cassava starch?

The making process of the cassava starch:

Cassava starch is the original starch as raw material, after a certain chemical, physical or enzymatic treatment, starch molecules in the introduction of new functional groups or change the original starch particle size and starch granule properties, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch, making it More suitable for certain application requirements. Do you know how cassava starch is made? A sample of 40% (w / w) of starch milk was accurately weighed into a three-neck flask and heated in a constant temperature water bath. % Sodium hydrogen ** sodium solution to adjust the pH to an appropriate value, and then adding a certain mass fraction of sodium trimetaphosphate, the reaction time to a specified. After the reaction 0.5mol / L hydrochloric acid standard solution to adjust the pH between 7.0 to 7.5, filter washed (washed with distilled water first washed 2 to 3 times, and finally with 95% ethanol wash once). The washed samples were dried in a constant temperature oven at 45 ° C overnight, finally crushed, sieved (80 mesh standard sieve) and stored in a sealed poly bag. Actually, the cassava starch making should be made by the professional cassava starch production line or machine. So the process must pay more attention.


Chinese Special Food—Deep-fried Dough Sticks

1-1    Have you ever eat the chinese foods deep-fried dough sticks? How do you think about it? Is it very delicious for you? Today, i will show you some information about this the chinese deep-fried dough sticks.

If you ever eat the deep-fried dough stick, you will find that they are very lofty and hollow, that because it is because the addition of leavening agents. The leavening agents will produce much chemical reactions arising from the gas (usually is carbon dioxide) to expand the flexible dough.

There are two types of leavening agents used in traditional Chinese fried 1dough sticks: Northern fried dough sticks usually use alum (potassium aluminum sulphate dodecahydrate) with soda ash (sodium carbonate); fried fritters are usually used stinky powder (ammonium bicarbonate). Although the former is good taste, but will remain in the fried dough sticks of aluminum, long-term consumption or excessive consumption may lead to chronic aluminum poisoning, damage the nervous system, resulting in mental deterioration, slow brain response; Will produce harmful residues, but it will release in the fried system of ammonia harmful to humans. So now some large breakfast stores and business manufacturers began to switch to the use of potassium hydrogen tartrate and default_8201_3f8f96f15e165e9fdd2db16cfce71d6c_w600_h585other non-aluminum leavening agent instead of alum. The making process is very particular. The frying machine is very important for the whole making process. Actually, some businessman buying the dedicated frying machine, because the machine can control the processing temperature, the deep-fried dough stick will taste more better. The furnace must be controlled by this process.

Fritters production, usually in the ordinary flour mixed with the amount of the leavening agent and salt, add warm water and stir well. And then repeatedly rub it into a smooth soft gluten force of the dough, proofing 20 to 30 minutes, and then folding rub, and then wake up, so repeated two or three times. Next on the case board cast oil, the kneading dough dragged into strips, and then chop into a 1.5 cm wide strip, each two stacked can be together, the central pinch. Gently pinch a stack of two small dough, pull into about 30 cm long, into the hot pot Bacheng, while fried side flip, until its full expansion, the color was golden can be removed.

The deep-fried dough sticks length also can be changed by customers really need. I think the smaller will better than bigger. They will taste more delicious.

Why the ice cream is so popular in the world?

There are so many different ice cream cone in the world, and of course people like to eat the ice cream in their daily life. Rom the research, the ice cream cone making factories in the world. So that’s also why there are so many different ice cream in the market. You have many choice about which one you want to eat. If you want to eat the soft the ice cream cone, you can choose the soft ice cream, if you like the hard ice cream cone, you can also choose the hard ice cream. But do you know how to make them by the making machine? And how many kinds of the ice cream cone in the world?

Today will show about five different kinds of ice cream in the world. These different kinds of ice cream are from the different countries.







The first one is the Japanese ice cream. Japanese like to eat ice cream cone very much. They usually eat them with glutinous rice flour, this is a special taste in the world.








The second is the Helado ice cream cone. Helado has rich ice cream in the cone, so if you think the Italy ice cream is better, maybe you can try to the Helado ice cream cone, it will bring you more amazing.  The milk taste will more popular among the people.







The third one is the Malacca ice cream cone. The Malacca more like to eat the Shaved ice.  they usually put the jelly, corn, nuts, fruit dices into the shaved ice. These materials will make the ice cream taste more delicious.






The fourth one is the Creamy cream ice cream in England. This is a high fat ice cream cone, it has a really cream on the surface of the ice cream.







The fifth one is the Crispy sugar ice cream. It is a very popular Israel. This ice cream is made with the grinding sesame butter and honey. Very special taste in the ice cream field.

The different ice cream cone can be made by people, but there are also have some ice cream cone making machine maybe the ice cream businessmen need in their market.  Do have any interesting about  the ice cream and ice cream cone making process, just feel free to contact me.


How to Drink the Juice in a Right Way?

juice-cleanse-141114Before you drink the juice, there  are some problems about how to drink the juice.

First one is that, when should we drink the juice is better?

Drinking the juice in the morning is more better than other time. I our daily life, we always are busy, so sometime we have not time to eat the breakfast. But the juice is your good friend. Drinking juice in the morning can help you to keep supplement the VC for your body.

Second, Do we need to drink the juice everyday?

fresh-juices-without-a-juicerForm the research, one bottle juice (250ml) can offer a whole day VC for your body. Drinking juice just like eat fruits, bottle juice can not make you feel Satiety.

Third, what is the best choice for you to drink?

Drinking a small bottle fruit juice and vegetable juice is best for a adult. The fruit has low calories and it can not increase your fat.


juice-cleanse-141114Fourth, it the baby suitable for drinking the juice?

For kids, if they drinking to much juice will cause they diarrhea. So for kids the water is best choice for them.  Juice can be used as healthy snacks, children can occasionally drink once a week.


Firth, what can not drink with the juice?

Juice can not mixing with milk. Because the there are AHA in the juice which can make response with the milk. So these two drinks should be drink separately.

And if you want to know about the information about the drinking juice, please feel free to contact with me.




Why you are so fat and can not lose weight?

Why there are so many people are fact and con not lose weight even though they make diet, do exercise, but useless. Why?

Three reasons why you fat?

is-peanut-butter-healthy-v2-21.More sweet foods.

Sweet biscuits and chocolate nearly are every woman’s like, but they contain sugar confectionery more than the rice and breads. That will make people more hungry after eating foods in  a  short time. So You will feel hungry so only, if long-term fasting food will lead to a vicious cycle. Moreover, if the sugar increases rapidly in the blood , it will produce a lot of insulin manufacture fat which can cause people weight  gain.


2. Is it only eat fruits can lose weight?

p7342672a3374304Fruit is can not only  provide the vitamins and minerals of body, but also make people more beautiful.  Is it only eat fruits can lose weight? In fact, fruits and sweets are both simple carbohydrate, that means eat more also will certainly lead to weight gain. A apple’s calorie calories is substantially the same of a bowl of rice.  Eating two apples does not matter for people, but if you eat two bowls of rice will make a beauty scream, so eating apples, oranges and other fruits not more than two per day.


3. Eating very fast like a wolf.


peanut butter
peanut butter

Eating food quickly can unknowingly stretch your stomach and always lead people have the feeling of obesity. The human brain to convey “eat” command, after the beginning of the meal is 20 to 30 minutes, however, if they eating foods more quickly, their brain will feel they are not full, it will cause overeating. Also, eating foods with watching television also can cause people eat so much.  Some people rely on one meal a day to lose weight, although they can lose a few weight, but it will damage their  health.

There are three methods of keeping your body and healthy.

Firstly,   standing for half an hour after a meal. Second, five hours no eating before going to bed. Thired, do 15 minutes of exercise before going to bed. Only you can do these things, i think you can lose some weight.


Peanut Butter Contamination of Salmonella


peanut butter
peanut butter

American peanut butter contamination of Salmonella events caused the world people’s attention, people began to worry about the food safety issues

With the “peanut butter” event in the United States been exposed with a strict food regulatory system of continuous fermentation, peanut butter food safety has become one of focus thing in the United States. This event shows that how to provide safe and reliable food for the people, not only the United States, but also the world’s food processing enterprises and regulators need to be taken seriously.

Analysis of the recent frequent global food safety accidents, we can find that the human use the industrial means to produce mass productions, and make a great contributions in improving the structure of human food. Productions Modern means of any link loopholes of the producing process, there are often evolved into a disaster in the modern society . The “peanut butter” event in the United States is an example for foods industry.

        The new challenges in food also raise new demands. In the context of increasingly complex and urgent food safety issues, peanut butter machinery upgrades are also imminent. Only the peanut butter production technology continues to improve, peanut butter food can be assured that people eat. So many peanut butter machinery and equipment manufacturers have begun to develop a new type of machine to meet the needs of social development.