The Development of World Economy

With the development of the society, more and more countries pay more attention to their food machinery.  Global economy in selling of food processing machinery are expected to climb 7.3 percent per year to $53.3 billion in 2016. The main impetus for gains will come from increased demand for processed foods in developing nations as personal incomes rise. On top of this, a dietary shift in countries like China and Brazil toward higher value-added foods such as meat and chocolate will prompt food manufacturers to broaden their operations and invest in additional manufacturing capacity in these areas. In addition to, continuing recoveries in the economies of developed nations will cause the fixed investment environment to improve, encouraging food processors to upgrade their machinery. The food machinery’s development can improve the whole country’s’  economy.

Growth in food processing machinery demand in the world’s developed economies was much slower than in industrializing nations between 2007 and 2012, and sales gains in most developed nations will continue to trail the world average through 2016. As these nations have relatively stable dietary preferences and consistently high personal incomes, the food manufacturing industries in these countries are very mature, and as a result there will be fewer growth opportunities for food processing machinery manufacturers.  But actually, the food processing machinery becomes more important in a country, That’s also why there are so many businessmen like to put their money into food processing machinery. Because the food machinery will have a bright development in  future.


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