What the Foreigners’ Eaten in G 20 Summit in Hangzhou

Hangzhou G 20 summit: the main diet Bangcai night exercise less disturbing
Up to now, the G 2o summit has ended, do you want to know want the foreigner leaders had eaten in this meeting, in Hangzhou. This meeting has fully show the  Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, Chinese style.

1000     During the meeting, the world’s attention were focus on Hangzhou. To ensure the safety of raw materials and ingredients to assume the task of receiving the hotel during the G20 summit, Hangzhou has built the 7450 square meters of total food warehouse, and the total savings amounted can arrived to 900 tons, the General Assembly all ingredients unified procurement, inspection, storage, and distribution. About the leaders car, China was adopt international practices model “official protection, market lease” to provide 900 cars for the leaders and delegations. Hangzhou Airport Gate of the expansion can be parked at the same 45 wide-body aircraft, and also open the VIP floor. Transform and upgrade project based on the actual needs are not new, are perfect in the original facility basis.

There totally 14 different Dishes in the meeting, such as Appetizers combination, Double-boiled duck with lotus seed, Deep-fried prawn with almond,Pan-fried Australian Beef with black pepper, Roasted lamb chop with cumin, Dried bamboo shoot roll, HangZhou style, West Lake fish Water fish, Beggar’s chicken,Braised vegetable with mushroom, Braised seasonal vegetable, Beijing style,Fried rice with minced beef, Chinese petit fours and Sweetened cream of black nice with dumplings.

So making these foods also need many top Chefs to design them, and also they need the foods tools to make the different foods. That’s a is a great event to entertain the leaders of different countries for the host.





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