How to make chinese noodles at home?

1449106466608867_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac       Why there are so many people like to eat chinese noodles? Do you know how to make chinese noodles at home? Or have you ever make noodles at home?

How to make chinese noodles at home? Firstky, you should prepare the noodles at home, these noodles can be brought from the market, or even you can make them at home,  but this process maybe a little difficult. If you want to use handmade noodles, just put some flour into a small pan, and then put some water into these flour, then, using the flour mixing machine to store them like cotton. And next is the very important for you make noodles, because you need a noodles
making machine, this machine can help you make fresh noodles more easily. With the rotation of the shaft mounted, batting 20140411-soy-sauce-vegetable-noodles-01surface will be pressed into the dough sheet, and finally pressed into noodles. But this process on the basis of  you must know how to use this machine. So you can choose the noodles on the supermarket. There are many kinds of noodles you can choose, very convenient and save your time.

Then prepare some green onion, ginger. And put them into strips or slices with Fry, this step can make their flavor circulated out.     After, the water boiling, put the noodles into the water, and one egg. The egg can make your noodles looks more beautiful, or if you don’t like egg, you can also put some other vegetable you want.  About 3 mins, the noodles can be finished. Yes, the chinese noodles is finished. If you have interesting in noodles making, please feel free to contact me.



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