Home Made Peanut Butter by Yourself

Many people think that make peanut butter is a very easy thing at home, of course, if you want to eat peanut butter ina very quickly way, you can also go to market to buy peanut butter.  Actually, we all know that, peanut butter contain the rich trans fat, it not good for people’s life. So that’s also one reason why people becomes more dislike to eat peanut butter in their daily life. And nowadays, the foods safety also is a big problem for people health. So  why not to make peanut butter buy ourselves? The  peanut butter we made by ourselves will more healthy for our body.


Peanuts,  olive oil,  salt, sugar.


shutterstock_181523570Making process:

  1. put the raw peanuts into the peanuts roaster machine, and keep the temperature about 15o ℃, and roasting them about 20 minuts is ok.
  2. Cooling them, and peeling peanuts’ red skin. If you think it is difficult for you to peel these peanuts. The nuts peeling machine is essential for you. But this machines is more suitable for small factory, and not very suitable for homemade processing.
  3. And then put these peanuts which had been peeled by machine or hands into the grinding machine, this machine is very important for making peanut butter. Because you do not crush them by hand delusion, this is not possible for a people.
  4.  During the grinding process,  you can also put some  seasoning, peanut butter will taste more better.

So making peanut butter at home is not means by only only using your hands, some essential machines also necessary, if you have more interesting about this machine, please contact us with serena@machinehall.com



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