How to Eat Instant Noodles More Healthy?

In people’s mind, eating instant noodles is not very health, they will harmful to our health. And the instant noodles still have a big market in the world. Many instant noodles production line be sold every year in the world. But there are still some ways to eat instant noodles  in more healthy ways. These ways will more healthy and nutritious, have you try them before?

The instant noodles would better boiled in water.  And then put a egg into noodles, so delicious.  When you boiling the noodles, you would better drained the soup of the instant noodles. And then put some other more health condiment.



  1Assorted hot pot noodles

Materials:two bags instant noodles,  hot pot balls 150g,  loofah amount,  amount of honey,  onion amount, green onion amount

Making process: cutting the loofah into strips, the hhot pot can nbe boiled by water for some minutes, and then put the materials into the water, two minutes later, the noodles is finished.


instant-noodles   2.Pickles ham noodles

Materials:Kimchi 200g, vegetables 150g, ham 150g, instant noodles 300g, mushroom amount, South Korea sauce amount, onion amount, onion amount, soy sauce amount, the amount of cooking wine, fish sauce, pepper, pepper.

Making process:cutting the hams and pickles into pieces. Put the oil into the pan, frying the them.  And then put the soup into the pan. You can also put some the  Korean sauce, soy sauce, chili powder, soy sauce, cooking wine, fish sauce, salt, pepper. Finally , put the noodles into the pan which have been cooked before.



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