Fried Instandles Noodles Facing the Development Bottleneck

With the development of society, people more pay attention to their health. They think the instant noodles are not very health for people’ body, so the market of the instant noodles becomes more and more small than before.

In some of the negative impact of low-quality instant noodles, instant noodles and more are “demonized” the. High oil, instant noodles and other problems caused by high salt health concerns more and more consumer attention. How to remove this obstacle, innovative and instant noodle production beyond the current technical bottlenecks will be the only way to industrial transformation.

Instant noodle industry needs to transition

Last year, China’s instant noodle production has reached 48.38 billion package, accounted for more than half of the world, China has become the convenience food production and marketing power. However, as consumers of food safety, food nutrition concern increasing consumer acceptance of instant noodles this high salt, high fat, high preservative food is declining. In their view, there is no instant noodles is a kind of food nutrition. How to eliminate this concept? In the food safety and health expert Dong Jinshi opinion, instant noodles industry urgent restructuring.

1449106466608867         “In fact, instant noodles is technically no innovation, then there is still only in the ingredient aspect of philosophy to constantly innovate, depending on the crowd to add nutrients that we need calcium fortified with calcium aspects; need to add vitamins to strengthen vitamin regard. some people say his own blood lipids is relatively high, then I do not eat fried, you can eat some non-fried, business development of different types of products to meet the needs of all sectors of society, so that consumers themselves have the concept of a fortification, so you will be able to expand the product itself, this idea of people-oriented. ”

To change the Master and breakthrough the bottleneck.

In fact, in recent years, increasing the cost of production of instant noodles, various food companies saw early bottleneck instant noodles products, began to seek another extension of the food chain.

Facilitate the transformation and innovation of the food industry

Modern food technology “transfer antiquity, leaving delicious.

1. promote traditional rice, pasta industrialization

1449106466608867“Twelfth Five-Year Plan” clearly states that the food industry will accelerate the convenience of rapid development, focusing on the development of refrigerated, room temperature food staples such as rice products to facilitate, promote industrialization of traditional rice food, cereals and Chinese dishes; frozen promote rice industry expand the scale of production continued to increase frozen food, frozen food processing broaden the scope to encourage the development of frozen prepared foods, nutritional snacks and frozen frozen products and other new products; to improve existing products and processes, to improve the level of energy saving.

2. Support the development of natural flavor ingredients and food additives

Support the development of frozen food-related raw materials, food additives, packaging materials and logistics systems, and promote the coordinated development of the whole synchronization frozen food chain.

3. Increase the development of convenience foods Metric

x9t03mvjpwexiwrbql2suejofabl4yvkq8vh2-mmyurpawaakqiaaepqAt the same time, but also to facilitate the further development of staple food products at room temperature, to improve the structural problems of the conventional nutrition instant noodles, instant rice development, rice, noodles, ravioli, fresh wet noodle and related technologies and other new products, improve product quality, improve product quality, change room temperature convenience food product homogeneity, low level of vicious competition.

4. From the easy access to nutrition

Convenience foods accelerate development of new products, to many varieties, nutritious, high-quality direction; actively develop the unique flavor, nutrition and healthy snack foods; to develop flavor and diverse, nutritionally enhanced baked goods to meet the needs of market segments.

5. Convenience foods will increase about 30%

According to the plan is expected by 2015, convenience food manufacturing output will reach 530 billion yuan, a 30 percent average annual growth. Wherein the frozen food industry, rice, instant noodles and other staple foods at room temperature easy, convenient snack food industry sales income reached 120 billion yuan, 100 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan. Formed 10 sales of over 10 billion yuan of large convenience food processing enterprise groups. This is the current status of the industry, it would mean that output and sales should double again on the existing basis. The rapid development of convenience foods will also promote the transformation of agricultural products and to further address the “three rural” issues. Market space and opportunities for the convenience food industry larger stage, ushered in a new round of golden period of development at the same time, convenience food industry has become one of China’s food industry an important pillar.


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