Peanut Butter Contamination of Salmonella


peanut butter
peanut butter

American peanut butter contamination of Salmonella events caused the world people’s attention, people began to worry about the food safety issues

With the “peanut butter” event in the United States been exposed with a strict food regulatory system of continuous fermentation, peanut butter food safety has become one of focus thing in the United States. This event shows that how to provide safe and reliable food for the people, not only the United States, but also the world’s food processing enterprises and regulators need to be taken seriously.

Analysis of the recent frequent global food safety accidents, we can find that the human use the industrial means to produce mass productions, and make a great contributions in improving the structure of human food. Productions Modern means of any link loopholes of the producing process, there are often evolved into a disaster in the modern society . The “peanut butter” event in the United States is an example for foods industry.

        The new challenges in food also raise new demands. In the context of increasingly complex and urgent food safety issues, peanut butter machinery upgrades are also imminent. Only the peanut butter production technology continues to improve, peanut butter food can be assured that people eat. So many peanut butter machinery and equipment manufacturers have begun to develop a new type of machine to meet the needs of social development.


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