Why you are so fat and can not lose weight?

Why there are so many people are fact and con not lose weight even though they make diet, do exercise, but useless. Why?

Three reasons why you fat?

is-peanut-butter-healthy-v2-21.More sweet foods.

Sweet biscuits and chocolate nearly are every woman’s like, but they contain sugar confectionery more than the rice and breads. That will make people more hungry after eating foods in  a  short time. So You will feel hungry so only, if long-term fasting food will lead to a vicious cycle. Moreover, if the sugar increases rapidly in the blood , it will produce a lot of insulin manufacture fat which can cause people weight  gain.


2. Is it only eat fruits can lose weight?

p7342672a3374304Fruit is can not only  provide the vitamins and minerals of body, but also make people more beautiful.  Is it only eat fruits can lose weight? In fact, fruits and sweets are both simple carbohydrate, that means eat more also will certainly lead to weight gain. A apple’s calorie calories is substantially the same of a bowl of rice.  Eating two apples does not matter for people, but if you eat two bowls of rice will make a beauty scream, so eating apples, oranges and other fruits not more than two per day.


3. Eating very fast like a wolf.


peanut butter
peanut butter

Eating food quickly can unknowingly stretch your stomach and always lead people have the feeling of obesity. The human brain to convey “eat” command, after the beginning of the meal is 20 to 30 minutes, however, if they eating foods more quickly, their brain will feel they are not full, it will cause overeating. Also, eating foods with watching television also can cause people eat so much.  Some people rely on one meal a day to lose weight, although they can lose a few weight, but it will damage their  health.

There are three methods of keeping your body and healthy.

Firstly,   standing for half an hour after a meal. Second, five hours no eating before going to bed. Thired, do 15 minutes of exercise before going to bed. Only you can do these things, i think you can lose some weight.



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