How to Drink the Juice in a Right Way?

juice-cleanse-141114Before you drink the juice, there  are some problems about how to drink the juice.

First one is that, when should we drink the juice is better?

Drinking the juice in the morning is more better than other time. I our daily life, we always are busy, so sometime we have not time to eat the breakfast. But the juice is your good friend. Drinking juice in the morning can help you to keep supplement the VC for your body.

Second, Do we need to drink the juice everyday?

fresh-juices-without-a-juicerForm the research, one bottle juice (250ml) can offer a whole day VC for your body. Drinking juice just like eat fruits, bottle juice can not make you feel Satiety.

Third, what is the best choice for you to drink?

Drinking a small bottle fruit juice and vegetable juice is best for a adult. The fruit has low calories and it can not increase your fat.


juice-cleanse-141114Fourth, it the baby suitable for drinking the juice?

For kids, if they drinking to much juice will cause they diarrhea. So for kids the water is best choice for them.  Juice can be used as healthy snacks, children can occasionally drink once a week.


Firth, what can not drink with the juice?

Juice can not mixing with milk. Because the there are AHA in the juice which can make response with the milk. So these two drinks should be drink separately.

And if you want to know about the information about the drinking juice, please feel free to contact with me.





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