Why the ice cream is so popular in the world?

There are so many different ice cream cone in the world, and of course people like to eat the ice cream in their daily life. Rom the research, the ice cream cone making factories in the world. So that’s also why there are so many different ice cream in the market. You have many choice about which one you want to eat. If you want to eat the soft the ice cream cone, you can choose the soft ice cream, if you like the hard ice cream cone, you can also choose the hard ice cream. But do you know how to make them by the making machine? And how many kinds of the ice cream cone in the world?

Today will show about five different kinds of ice cream in the world. These different kinds of ice cream are from the different countries.







The first one is the Japanese ice cream. Japanese like to eat ice cream cone very much. They usually eat them with glutinous rice flour, this is a special taste in the world.








The second is the Helado ice cream cone. Helado has rich ice cream in the cone, so if you think the Italy ice cream is better, maybe you can try to the Helado ice cream cone, it will bring you more amazing.  The milk taste will more popular among the people.







The third one is the Malacca ice cream cone. The Malacca more like to eat the Shaved ice.  they usually put the jelly, corn, nuts, fruit dices into the shaved ice. These materials will make the ice cream taste more delicious.






The fourth one is the Creamy cream ice cream in England. This is a high fat ice cream cone, it has a really cream on the surface of the ice cream.







The fifth one is the Crispy sugar ice cream. It is a very popular Israel. This ice cream is made with the grinding sesame butter and honey. Very special taste in the ice cream field.

The different ice cream cone can be made by people, but there are also have some ice cream cone making machine maybe the ice cream businessmen need in their market.  Do have any interesting about  the ice cream and ice cream cone making process, just feel free to contact me.



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