Chinese Special Food—Deep-fried Dough Sticks

1-1    Have you ever eat the chinese foods deep-fried dough sticks? How do you think about it? Is it very delicious for you? Today, i will show you some information about this the chinese deep-fried dough sticks.

If you ever eat the deep-fried dough stick, you will find that they are very lofty and hollow, that because it is because the addition of leavening agents. The leavening agents will produce much chemical reactions arising from the gas (usually is carbon dioxide) to expand the flexible dough.

There are two types of leavening agents used in traditional Chinese fried 1dough sticks: Northern fried dough sticks usually use alum (potassium aluminum sulphate dodecahydrate) with soda ash (sodium carbonate); fried fritters are usually used stinky powder (ammonium bicarbonate). Although the former is good taste, but will remain in the fried dough sticks of aluminum, long-term consumption or excessive consumption may lead to chronic aluminum poisoning, damage the nervous system, resulting in mental deterioration, slow brain response; Will produce harmful residues, but it will release in the fried system of ammonia harmful to humans. So now some large breakfast stores and business manufacturers began to switch to the use of potassium hydrogen tartrate and default_8201_3f8f96f15e165e9fdd2db16cfce71d6c_w600_h585other non-aluminum leavening agent instead of alum. The making process is very particular. The frying machine is very important for the whole making process. Actually, some businessman buying the dedicated frying machine, because the machine can control the processing temperature, the deep-fried dough stick will taste more better. The furnace must be controlled by this process.

Fritters production, usually in the ordinary flour mixed with the amount of the leavening agent and salt, add warm water and stir well. And then repeatedly rub it into a smooth soft gluten force of the dough, proofing 20 to 30 minutes, and then folding rub, and then wake up, so repeated two or three times. Next on the case board cast oil, the kneading dough dragged into strips, and then chop into a 1.5 cm wide strip, each two stacked can be together, the central pinch. Gently pinch a stack of two small dough, pull into about 30 cm long, into the hot pot Bacheng, while fried side flip, until its full expansion, the color was golden can be removed.

The deep-fried dough sticks length also can be changed by customers really need. I think the smaller will better than bigger. They will taste more delicious.


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