How to Make the Cassava Starch?

88431454b7b04f1fb609fe245f2e3f64 20141110101819-847209480Cassava starch is a very common food materials in our daily life. Have you eat any foods be made cassava starch?

The making process of the cassava starch:

Cassava starch is the original starch as raw material, after a certain chemical, physical or enzymatic treatment, starch molecules in the introduction of new functional groups or change the original starch particle size and starch granule properties, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch, making it More suitable for certain application requirements. Do you know how cassava starch is made? A sample of 40% (w / w) of starch milk was accurately weighed into a three-neck flask and heated in a constant temperature water bath. % Sodium hydrogen ** sodium solution to adjust the pH to an appropriate value, and then adding a certain mass fraction of sodium trimetaphosphate, the reaction time to a specified. After the reaction 0.5mol / L hydrochloric acid standard solution to adjust the pH between 7.0 to 7.5, filter washed (washed with distilled water first washed 2 to 3 times, and finally with 95% ethanol wash once). The washed samples were dried in a constant temperature oven at 45 ° C overnight, finally crushed, sieved (80 mesh standard sieve) and stored in a sealed poly bag. Actually, the cassava starch making should be made by the professional cassava starch production line or machine. So the process must pay more attention.



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