Almond Peanuts Processing Methods

%e5%8e%bb%e7%9a%ae%e6%9c%ba   Almonds and peanuts are very common nuts in our daily life. They has been processed into many kinds of snacks, such as nutty sauce, nuts candy, ice cream and so on. But how to process them? It is a very important things for some businessmen to their products.
    Commonly, the nuts process are always by hands. The worker will shell the nuts by their hands, or sometimes also used the machine to shell the nuts. And then the nuts which has been shelled will be made into the butter. Do you know how many nuts we usually to eat? There are walnuts, pecan, pine nuts, almond almond of the Aerospace, cashew nuts of the Auricular. The pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, almond, mn08_004cashew nuts are  the world’s four dried fruit. Nuts also is a traditional medicine. Qi nourishing, moistening phlegm, warm lung intestines, the role of scattered swelling disinfection. The making  technology always can be divided into the raw material process, nuts shell process, dry nuts, removing the skin, grading nuts, packaging these nuts.  The nuts shelling process is also is very important for the whole processing. This step can be replace by the nuts shelling machine, the speed will more quickly than artificial.
   Then put the nuts mixing with some seasoning, finally they can be made into very delicious foods. The whole nuts (generally selected smaller particles) plus seasoning fried, can be made of fragrant, crisp, delicious food nutrition. The process is generally: raw material treatment (sorting, washing, drying, grading, etc.), the first fried, sifted, dip flavoring, drained, complex fried, cooling, packaging and sealing.

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