Analysis on the Development of Food Processing Industry

With the global economic development and the progress of science and technology, the world food industry has made great progress. With the development of food industry, food machinery will usher in the development of the spring.

With the global economic development and the progress of science and technology, the world food industry has made great progress. The food industry in the central and all levels of government attaches great importance to the rapid growth in market demand and technological progress under the strong impetus has developed into a more complete category, both to meet domestic market demand, but also has a certain export competitiveness of the industry,  and to achieve a sustained, rapid and healthy development of the good momentum.

Condiment industry:

In recent years, chinese condiment industry has been rapid development, has become the food industry in the new economic growth point, and with the future consolidation of the industry deepening, chinese condiment industry is expected to further speed. At present the world’s annual sales of spices can account for about 10% of sales of the food industry, chinese condiment industry sales accounted for only 2.4% of food industry sales, we can see that the chinese spice market huge room for future growth.

Candy industry:

Candy chocolate market maintained an annual growth rate of 8% to 12%, food and beverage industry is the rapid development of the industry. Personally, the Chinese candy industry with the continuous improvement in people’s living standards, it has the great growth potential.

Baking industry:

The rapid development of the world baking industry, the global economy and regional economic integration process and the acceleration of agricultural industrialization process for the development of the world baking food industry has brought a huge demand for space. At the same time the state of baking food industry attaches great importance to the world baking food industry will also create new development opportunities. Personally think that the baking industry has great room for future development, especially the development of the food industry.

 Food processing industry:

Food processing industry is in a stage of rapid and stable development, and this stable development will continue developing, the development of some small and medium-sized enterprises more driven their energy on food industry processing progress. Some small-scale grain-processing machines are becoming increasingly popular. This shows that the future development of food processing industry is very clear.


Do You Know the Almonds Butter Making Machine?

%e9%85%b1%e7%b1%bbNowaday, many kinds of the nuts butter can be bought from the market,  maybe now you have bought them in your refrigerator, until sometime you need them to make foods, you can use them directly.  But do you know how does these nuts butter made? Do you understand the almonds butter making machine?

The almonds butter making machine can be used not only peanuts, sesame, almonds, tomatoes, carrot, but also others fruits and vegetable. So it is very multi-function, you can use them in any foods place you want.  And this machine’s capacity can be changed by customer’s’ need.  And also this machine in low price. Actually, we are a foods machine manufacturer in China, and we have many customers in the world already. So if you really interesting in this machine, please leave your email and message under the post.

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How to Lose Weight Through Eating Ice Cream Cone?

Do you know the original ice cream can lose weight? Many people feel that the ice cream cone has high-calorie it not a good foods to weight loss. But as long as the original method of eating, ice cream is also can lose weight.  If you want to make the ice cream, you would better to the machine to make the ice cream cone  which can reduce your many time to make it.

51d69858ca22d_255Ice cream is well known for its high calorie content, but it is clear that you can not tolerate it. Sometimes you just dream of the spoonful of vanilla or chocolate-flavored ice cream that will allow you to spend the day. However, before you scream for ice cream, for health and slim figure, may wish to listen to from Hong Kong nutritionist, especially when the ice cream as a healthy recipe, it may melt the fat, Even more than completely quit eating ice cream to help you lose weight faster.

Ice cream is high-calorie than other snacks foods:

Ice cream, is made by mixing the frozen milk or mixing the cream, sugar or eggs, and then coupled with fruit flavor modulation. The reason why the ice cream taste smooth and delicate, because it is usually milk protein and milk fat content will not be too low. However, compared to water, sugar and fruit juice-based popsicles, ice cream is rich in milk or cream, so the saturated fatty acids and sugar content is very high, the relative composition of a single popsicles, despite high nutritional value. But also on human health, especially cardiovascular health have some certain impact.

1830-110h91a22838_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%ac_%e5%89%af%e6%9c%acIn addition to colorful ice cream, taste variety, there are also certain types of division. For example, we are more common in the market of Italian-style ice cream, that is, after full mixing, so the entrance is more smooth, I feel there is no ice-cream so traditional. While the raw materials containing eggs, American ice cream, then use milk instead of milk, although the taste is more fragrant, the heat is higher. In addition, there are some hand-made ice cream, hand-made by the craftsmen in accordance with very strict rules, so the taste and flavor is very unique. Ice cream diet: intake of calcium can control the amount of weight.

Studies have shown that calcium helps control blood pressure, reduces the risk of colon cancer, and potentially reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. Not only good for the body, it also helps your body, it helps you lose weight, lose belly and keep weight loss results.

17-160513111J4 Refuse to refrigerate at twice: appropriate consumption of ice cream can bring the joy of eating at the same time, but also can reduce some obesity risks. In addition to attention to the weight of each consumption of ice cream, I remind you that melting ice cream can not be frozen again, which is many families in the consumption of ice cream is most likely to commit errors. Because ice cream is rich in milk, eggs, fats and sugar, the melted liquid will become a breeding ground for Salmonella, in addition to the time of purchase to check the product label on the packaging is complete, especially the production date and shelf life and product type.

Postprandial edible health: before meals (especially fasting), you should not to eat a lot of cold drink. The ice cream as a dessert is a good choice to balance the diet and lower blood sugar levels.
Brand assurance: during choosing ice cream, try to choose some good brand reputation products, in addition to ensuring a better taste and quality in the food composition and content can also be health guarantee. For hand-made ice cream, the choice should be more cautious, to avoid health standards caused by gastrointestinal disease.


How to Make the Crisp Cones?



Commonly, we often eat the crisp cone from the market which made by the crisp cone making machine, even they taste very delicious, but still some people want to make them by their own hands. The making process is not difficult,anyone who want to make crisp cone is ok.  I think this recipe the children will like to eat when you make them. Children will love your recipe forever though your special prepare. There are some step about how to make the crisp cone.


1.Ice cream is essential.

thumb_20141229348330012.The practice of crispy cones:
a: Ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, flour (or with a crispy egg shell powder)
b: Tools: electric crisp cone machine
c: The practice is very simple, the first crispy batter tune, crisp machine can make 180 degrees warm of your materials, and then brush a spoonful of slurry to the machine, the cover pressure, less than 1 minute, you can open the lid, remove the crisp sheet, immediately rolled it into a cylindrical shape. The crisp cone is finished.
d: You can make more crisp cones in one time.  Any time you want to eat them, just take one out, and fill the ice cream is ok.

How to Make the Peanut Butter Noodles?

1. Boiling a large pot of water, then add noodles in the pot, cooking  them according to instructions soft. Finally Drain these noodles.

2. At the same time, put the chicken soup, ginger, soy sauce, peanut butter, honey, chili sauce and garlic into a small pot. The peanut butter is a very important seasoning in the making process. Then heating the peanut butter for the next step. Finally, add noodles with these seasoning, stir well, add some green onion and peanuts into the noodles. The peanut butter noodles is finished.

3. The peanut butter you would better buy them from the market. Because this peanut butter is made by  the professional peanut butter making machine, they will taste more better than your own made.

How to Make Nuts Flour?

%e5%9d%9a%e6%9e%9c%e9%9d%a2%e7%b2%89Nuts flour is very common in our daily life,  actually these nuts flour always made by the nuts milling machine, this machine can quickly make the different flour according your need. But, if you don’t have this machine, how to make this grind the nuts flour by yourself at home.

Making your own personal nuts flour may takes a few minutes and you may get the same fine, light texture because the store-bought counterpart. During this process, it’s better to use?a blender?or?a coffee grinder?as opposed to a mixer since the result is more finely ground, and keeps the nuts from releasing an excessive amount of their skin oils.

And clearly you’re not limited to just almonds flour. You can dabble in pistachio flour, hazelnut flour, pecan flour, walnut flour. Some flours will end up oilier than others, depending on how fatty the nut is. Put on your lab coat, er, apron because this enables flavor experimentation. Build a whole new flavor profile by simply substituting one nut flour for another in, say, a cake recipe. What was once an almond cake with mixed berry compote, can now turn into a pistachio cake with sour cherry compote on impulse.

It’s like telling a golfing novice that they need to hit the ball toward the hole. I buy that, but what’s the easiest method to stand, how hard don’t you hit the ball, which club is better to make use of? Without learning all of the techniques, you’re just blindly going through the motions.
And simply carrying out a recipe is also just going through the motions. How can anyone really learn to bake and do their own flavor variations, and modify a recipe recommended to their liking if he or she doesn’t understand the hows and whys of the way it works behind the curtain? How each ingredient plays a role in the outcome?

I’ve been doing recipe tutorials so far, and referring to techniques throughout each one of these, and as long as I’ve blood within my veins, those continues. However I want to share more tips and techniques which I learned over the years to allow them to be relevant to many recipes, not only the one I are actually showcasing. I’ll be adding a method navigation button on the top so the list can be used a reference. And also the almond flour is first of all. Is it useful for you?


Crazy Potatoes

How many recipes can be made by  potatoes?  I think it’s hardly to calculate to them. Potato is a amazing  vegetable, it can make a lot of foods. Such as the Spicy potato chips, potatoes balls, potato cake, baked potatoes, Roberts potatoes and so on.



Spicy potato chips:

1.   Peel the potatoes into thin thick uniform film, garlic slices, cut green onions cut section.

2.  The pot put the right amount of vegetable oil, heat into the chili sauce saute, add potato chips and garlic pieces.
3.  Add soy sauce, salt, pepper, stir fry.
4.  Potato slices after birth, cooked into a small amount of vinegar.
5.  Continue to stir fry, potato chips cooked, sprinkle green onion section, put a little MSG stir fry even pan.





Potato balls:

1. Potatoes, peeled, random slices.
2. Into the steamer steam cooked steam through, remove the hot mashed into the bowl.
3. Add the onion to the mashed potatoes. Canned tuna, lemon juice, white pepper, salt and mix well. Canned tuna, lemon juice, 4. White pepper, salt and mix well. Mix the mashed potatoes into a ball about 3 cm.
5. Then the potato ball in turn dipped in flour, egg, bread crumbs, and finally thrown into the hot potatoes in the ball, the fire to the skin golden golden.





Potato cake:

1. The potatoes pressed into mashed potatoes, add boiling water after boiling starch, kneading into groups, and then into the red bean paste made of small cake, frying will become very transparent crystal color, it is beautiful Oh.
2. Potatoes are nutritious and are one of the anti-aging foods. Potatoes are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid and other B group of vitamins and a large number of high-quality cellulose, also contains trace elements, amino acids, protein, fat and high-quality starch and other nutrients.                                                                                                                                           3.These ingredients in the human body anti-aging disease prevention process has an important role.





Roberts potatoes:

1.  The potatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces.
2. Under the pan fried, golden color when the pan.
3. Filling the pot, began to fry sugar.
4. Fried into a good taxi beans, fried, transfer