Tiger Nuts from Valencia

Oil sedge (also known as tiger nuts) from the Valencia:

tiger-nut-milk     Oil sedge is the use of high value of oil, grain and more new crops, also known as Shanshan sedge, but also landscaping, green environment, ornamental plants. As the oil contained in linseed oil linoleic acid and linolenic acid ratio is very close to the World Health Organization published 4: 1 (the ratio of the highest performance of human function). Rich in protein and amino acids, high nutritional value.

Oil sedge is a heaven-sent food for people:

Oil sedge is a totally treasure, utilization is very high. At present, the United Nations on the oil Sauce R & D and production also continue to give financial support, oil sedge with high oil output rate, be known as “the king of oil,” it is more than 4,000 kg of fresh grass. It is an ultra-high-quality forage, fruit yield can reach more than 1,000 kilograms, oil production is 7 times the peanut, olive oil quality comparable.  As a beverage food Americans call it “the human shock of the beverage,” not only taste good, high calcium, can replace milk. It can also softe people’s arteries, lower cholesterol, diabetes can also drink it.

Making Oil sedge milk must have a grinding machine to help you. Because the oil sedge is very hard, some common machine can not grinding them. So do you have any idea to making the oil sedge milk? Just come on!


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