Why do potato chips production line cost so much?

The Manufacturing  Making Process:
cat-711 .Once the potatoes arrive at the plant, they’re analyzed and sampled for quality. A half dozen or so buckets are randomly filled. Some are punched with openings in their cores to enable them to be tracked through the cooking process. The potatoes are examined for green sides and imperfections. The pile of defective potatoes is considered; if the weight surpasses a company’s preset allowance, the whole truckload could be rejected.
2 .The potatoes move along a conveyor belt towards the various stages of manufacturing. The conveyor belts are operated by gentle vibrations to help keep breakage as small as possible.
Destining and peeling
3 .The potatoes are loaded right into a vertical helical screw conveyor that allows stones to fall towards the bottom and pushes the potatoes up to a convener belt to the automatic pulling machine. Once they have been peeled, the taters are washed with cold water.

The reason why this machine is so expensive.
The reason why this machine is so expensive.

4 .The potatoes pass through a revolving presser that cuts them into paper-thin slices, between 0.066-0.072 in thickness. Straight blades produce regular chips while rippled blades produce ridged potato chips.
5. The slices fall into a second cold-water wash that removes the starch released when the potatoes are cut. Some manufacturers, who market their chips as natural, do not wash the starch off the potatoes.
Color treatment
6 .If the potatoes need to be chemically treated to enhance their color, it is done at this stage. The potato slices are immersed in a solution that has been adjusted for pH, hardness, and mineral content.
Frying and salting
7 .The pieces pass under air jets that eliminate extra water because they flow into 40-75 ft troughs filled up with oil. The oil temperatures are kept at 350-375°F . Paddles lightly push the pieces along. Because the slices crash, salt is sprinkled from containers positioned above the trough in the rate of approximately 1.75 lb of salt to each 100 lb of chips.
Potatoes arrive daily at producing plants. After they are examined for quality, they are stored at a constant temperature unfit they are processed into poker chips. Some producers treat the taters with chemicals to enhance the color of the final product. To help make the chips, taters are fried either in corn oil, cottonseed oil, or a blend of vegetable oils. Flake salt instead of crystal salt is employed to season the chips.

So you can see the potatoes chips making process is very complicated, and each step is very necessary for the whole making process.  The frying process is related with high temperature oil,  so the machine should be safety.  During the frying step, the machine should keep the chips not be over frying, so it is designed with temperature control equipment. Some machines  of this making line should be plus some protective measures, that’s also why the potato chips making line is so expensive.

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