Crazy Potatoes

How many recipes can be made by  potatoes?  I think it’s hardly to calculate to them. Potato is a amazing  vegetable, it can make a lot of foods. Such as the Spicy potato chips, potatoes balls, potato cake, baked potatoes, Roberts potatoes and so on.



Spicy potato chips:

1.   Peel the potatoes into thin thick uniform film, garlic slices, cut green onions cut section.

2.  The pot put the right amount of vegetable oil, heat into the chili sauce saute, add potato chips and garlic pieces.
3.  Add soy sauce, salt, pepper, stir fry.
4.  Potato slices after birth, cooked into a small amount of vinegar.
5.  Continue to stir fry, potato chips cooked, sprinkle green onion section, put a little MSG stir fry even pan.





Potato balls:

1. Potatoes, peeled, random slices.
2. Into the steamer steam cooked steam through, remove the hot mashed into the bowl.
3. Add the onion to the mashed potatoes. Canned tuna, lemon juice, white pepper, salt and mix well. Canned tuna, lemon juice, 4. White pepper, salt and mix well. Mix the mashed potatoes into a ball about 3 cm.
5. Then the potato ball in turn dipped in flour, egg, bread crumbs, and finally thrown into the hot potatoes in the ball, the fire to the skin golden golden.





Potato cake:

1. The potatoes pressed into mashed potatoes, add boiling water after boiling starch, kneading into groups, and then into the red bean paste made of small cake, frying will become very transparent crystal color, it is beautiful Oh.
2. Potatoes are nutritious and are one of the anti-aging foods. Potatoes are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid and other B group of vitamins and a large number of high-quality cellulose, also contains trace elements, amino acids, protein, fat and high-quality starch and other nutrients.                                                                                                                                           3.These ingredients in the human body anti-aging disease prevention process has an important role.





Roberts potatoes:

1.  The potatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces.
2. Under the pan fried, golden color when the pan.
3. Filling the pot, began to fry sugar.
4. Fried into a good taxi beans, fried, transfer


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