How to Make the Crisp Cones?



Commonly, we often eat the crisp cone from the market which made by the crisp cone making machine, even they taste very delicious, but still some people want to make them by their own hands. The making process is not difficult,anyone who want to make crisp cone is ok.  I think this recipe the children will like to eat when you make them. Children will love your recipe forever though your special prepare. There are some step about how to make the crisp cone.


1.Ice cream is essential.

thumb_20141229348330012.The practice of crispy cones:
a: Ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, flour (or with a crispy egg shell powder)
b: Tools: electric crisp cone machine
c: The practice is very simple, the first crispy batter tune, crisp machine can make 180 degrees warm of your materials, and then brush a spoonful of slurry to the machine, the cover pressure, less than 1 minute, you can open the lid, remove the crisp sheet, immediately rolled it into a cylindrical shape. The crisp cone is finished.
d: You can make more crisp cones in one time.  Any time you want to eat them, just take one out, and fill the ice cream is ok.


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