Chips Frying Machine in Longer China

frying-machineDescription of industrial  chips frying machine:
1.  Steady Fryer can be called belt fryer, it can be employed for unique material, this kind of as all kinds of nuts, potato chips/strips.
2This kind of fryer realizes the frying continuous and automatically.
three Steady fryer is the key elements throughout fried peanut manufacturing, it receipts blanching peanuts, deliver them to heated oil, in the course of frying, the peanuts will keep over the belt and be fried evenly inside short time.
3. Resulting from speed of conveyor is specified, peanut will remain in oil pan with identical time. Fried peanuts can keep uniform colour and similar taste.
4. Steady fryer has heat prevention layer, as a way to retain temperature of oil in same temperature, meanwhile, furthermore, it avoid heat reduction, increase the heat vitality utilization.
5. Continuous Peanut Fryer is matched with sophisticated oil filtering method to maintain the oil clean each of the time, this technique promise the fried peanut with glazed and quite shade.
6.six Continuous fryer is usually designed in electrical or gasoline to become heated; it really is a perfect machinery for modern day industrial foods factory

Almond Roasting Machine in Longer

 Sesame/Sunflower Seeds/Peanut/Almond Roasting/Drying Machine
This almonds roasting machine is mainly used for sesame, peanut,broad bean,coffee bean,sunflower seeds , nuts along with other products. The heating way is electrical or fuel in accordance to customer’s demand .Conserve power,easy to operate and clean.
Heating Power:63kw/380v
Fuel heating:4-5kg
Driving electrical power:two.2kw

Features of the Sesame Paste Making Machine

Tahini paste making machine:
Broadly utilized in milling unique solutions into paste kind
Low-priced in price but major in productivity
This Tahini paste producing machine is employed for grinding of all sorts of nuts, seeds, jam, fruits, greens, chemicals, and so forth.
The sesame paste making  machine would be the processing machine for colloidal solutions. It’s functions of cracking, cutting, milling, mixing, and so forth. After processing, the granularity could be 2-50um, the homogeneity is over 90%. It is actually the best processing machine for paste solutions production. The machine may be used in line of businesses of food, medication, chemical, and so on.

Substantial Efficiency Peanut Butter Producing Machine

Precisely what is Substantial Efficiency Peanut Butter Building Machine  high efficiency peanut butter generating machine is definitely the processing machine for colloidal good.
It’s functions of cracking, cutting, milling, mixing, and so forth. After processing, the granularity is usually 2-50um, the homogeneity is over 90%. It is actually the excellent processing machine for paste items production. The machine might be used in line of organizations of foods, medicine, chemical, etc.


Small Model Donut Making Machine for Sale

This machine can make the donut in small factory. It can produce the donut with the forming and frying in one time. The final products can be fries  very even, and taste more delicious. And this machine can make thre different size. Very coste-ffective in small store. And now, our company have a activity. All of the machine will join the cash back activity, more you buying, the more cash back. We can offer many kinds of machines, such as the peanut butter making machine, foods frying machine, packing machine and so on. If you are interes in our machine, please contact us freely. The activity time is limited, so once you want to act, just ASAP!


The Equipment Making Tahini Butter

This production line is mainly used for making tahini in the small factory or middle factory.  This tahini production line can make different capacity of tahini just according the customer’s requirement. This whole line is made of from the roasting to the grinding, and even the packing. All of these machines can be customized by special requirements. More information about the tahini production line, please contact us freely.

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The advantages of Peanuts

%e5%8e%bb%e7%9a%ae%e6%9c%baIn addition to various peanut butter machines, we also export fine peanuts and peanut kernels to the whole world. China, the US, Argentina and India are the top four peanut exporters. From 2002-2012, the average annual peanut export volume in China, the United States, Argentina and India, are 359.9 tons, 196.2 tons, 170.5 tones and 119.6 tons respectively, accounting for 29.05% of the total exports of the world peanut, 15.84%, 13.76% and 9.65%, respectively, and together accounted for 68.30% of the world’s average annual export volume. Thanks to fertile wilds, warm weather and vast land, China is capable to produce peanuts in the whole year, and if you have any requirement and need, we do believe we can provide beyond your mind.

An Introduction to Peanuts

The peanut or groundnut was probably first domesticated and cultivated in the South America. Peanut is cultivated in more than one hundred countries in the world at present, most common in Asian and followed by Africa. Peanut cultivation history in Chinese document is 100 years earlier than in Europe. Thanks to its high oil content, rich nutrition and dedicate smell, peanut is known as meat bean. Addition for food, peanut is also applied into printing and dyeing and paper industry. Peanut is also one kind of traditional Chinese medicines good for malnutrition, stomach disorder and breast milk lacking.