How to Distinguish the Different Starch?

Ways to distinguish involving corn starch, potato starch, puerarin starch
3107-141210103111319_400_2501>. Corn Starch
Corn starch can also be known as corn flour, corn starch, corn starch, you can find areas referred to as bean powder, is extracted from corn starch starch – the biggest provide of starch, but not as good as Potato starch performance. Hong Kong known as the main raw powder is corn starch. This starch usually use the corn starch making machine, but this way usually make big pollution of the environment, so many countries has prohibited use the corn to make the corn starch.

2>. Potato Starch
That’s raw potato starch, potato starch would be the most stable starch supplies amongst the starch. Its character is sticky adequate, delicate texture, colour with white, shiny than mung bean starch, but with bad water absorption skill. The moment add the water, heat will condense right into a transparent viscous shape, in the Chinese cooking generally include also very little cold water and include cooked rice cooked in the hook to produce the soup thick, while making The food appears shiny. On the other hand, the soup made from the potatoes starch is as well thick soon after cold, the corn starch soup will not change.

Sweet potato powder used in the manufacturing of more Chinese dim sum.
20140727234206_352343>. Kudzu Starch
Kudzu powder is made of the perennial plant “Arrowroot” which grow underground stem, because “Kudzu” construction of almost pure starch, washing them , then drying, milling, lastly you may get the Kudzu starch. Kudzu Starch may be used to thicken the soup, along with the function is just like corn starch.

4>.Tapioca Flour
Cassava starch also named Tapioca Flour, Thailand powder (since Thailand is definitely the third greatest cassava producer country from the globe, so the cassava starch is very well-known). It’ll become into transparent immediately after cooking with water, and lots of persons like to use cassava starch as their materials when cooking foods.

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