How to Make Healthy Almonds Butter?

Instant noodles, also known as instant noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles, Hong Kong is known as the doll face, is a short period of time can be cooked food cooked pasta
531b5085e98681f0506e7ac963ba525bThe principle of instant noodles is the use of palm oil will have cooked and seasoned noodles hardening, and pressed into lumps, edible hot water before brewing, dissolved in hot water with palm oil,
And noodles heating soak, a few minutes can be eaten. According to a 2000 Japanese public opinion survey, instant noodles are considered the most important invention of the last century in Japan, followed by karaoke OK. 2002 global consumption of 55 billion bags of instant noodles. Nutrient palm oil is the main component of saturated fatty acids, solid at room temperature. The characteristics of saturated fatty acids are not easily oxidized, but are detrimental to human health. To further prevent the oxidation of palm oil, manufacturers will add vitamin E as antioxidants. Facial red yeast rice surface Recently proposed by the low-calorie food concept and the rise of the surface. But because it is not very delicious and unpopular. The non-fried noodles are recently invented to deal with the health problems of fried noodles, omitting the frying process, so do not contain palm oil and saturated fatty acids. Is a more healthy surface, the taste can also be comparable with the fried noodles, the prospect is promising. Frying Face The original instant noodle product used to shape the surface of the body is said to start to remove the oil and the oil into the surface of the invention, but because of the need for long-term preservation and need to add a large number of preservatives. Instant noodles available for sale on the market, the vast majority are in the factory to mass production of machines, almost do not see the handmade instant noodles. Because most of the factory production of packaging, most of the way to distinguish between the different types of instant noodles: the bowl is polystyrene (Hong Kong commonly known as: styrofoam; Taiwan known as: styrofoam) bowls or paper bowl instant noodles, Packaging, the other is the common plastic or paper packaging, to be placed on their own when the bowl of hot water. In the noodle type, due to the earliest appeared in the Japanese market, so the early instant noodles are mostly Japanese noodles, and later only gradually have oolong noodles and other different instant noodles.

Security can be considered: but because the instant noodles attached to the composition of the bowl is the relationship between polystyrene.
However, polystyrene itself is not heat-resistant, often after encountering hot water mixed with the soup with the stomach and condenses in the stomach wall can not be normal digestion of food. Seasoning packs are also likely to add preservatives in large quantities for long-term storage.
Some prices are more expensive instant noodles usually have a soft canned, which is a preservation method. Cooking methods In addition to instant noodles can be eaten in addition to some areas in some people cooking the way to eat instant noodles. For example, the way to cook instant noodles in general noodles. Kinmen and other regions in Taiwan, a popular fried instant noodles, instant noodles will be cooked before, and then under the pot fried, with vegetables or pork with the food.
Although the instant noodles are designed to eat after brewing, but some people do not directly brewed to eat in Taiwan, some brands of instant noodles, such as “Prince noodles”, “Science”, Thailand produced “Mummy” 96u58picpkq_1024Most people are directly after the crushed mixture of seasoning powder (or shake) as snacks food. It is said that this eat is likely to be invented by primary school students.
In Taiwan, lo mei vendors sometimes use instant noodles as one of the materials. In Hong Kong, cafes can eat the “fishing Ding” is instant noodles to eat noodles in the way,
The spiced meat Ding put on the surface mix to eat; also fried instant noodles, and in the cooked instant noodles put a piece of cheese for ingredients such as different eating.
In Macao, to the Wing On Cafe can eat a flavor of the former Portuguese-style, such as turmeric pork, duck breasts, salty Niu Li, and so on. In Korea, the force pan also has the use of instant noodles as ingredients.
Ingredients Instant noodle products in addition to the surface of the body, most also contains dried ingredients, such as dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated meat and so on. With the progress of food science and technology,
Vacuum-packed food conditioning packages also appear in some high-priced instant noodle products. In addition, some people in Taiwan to instant noodles called pirated software CD, please see the big patch.
(Taiwan), Kangshifu (from Taiwan), the United States, Taiwan, the United States, the United States and Taiwan,
(The instant noodles for the fans made) Hong Kong: doll face, Shou Tao licensing surface flourishing king, uniform Fu literacy Japan: Nissin food “out of a small” and “taste cup”
(The products are also set up factories in Hong Kong and the mainland production and sales, but the quality is different) Malaysia: the United States (MAGGI), the only surface, the only, Mommy (MAMEE)
“Mama” brand instant noodles (that is, Hong Kong sales of the “Mummy noodles”, “Mama” brand of instant noodles in Hong Kong,
Usually dry food) Interestingly: Thailand in 2005 on the use of “Mama instant noodles index” to reflect the Mummy sales as an indicator of economic growth (economic growth and the number of mummy surface sales were negatively correlated).
In recent years, Thailand’s economic development, from the 1997 financial crisis, gradually rising, Mummy sales steady growth. But in 2004 the Thai economic downturn, Mummy sales immediately increased by 5%, the first seven months of 2005 increased by 15%.
This phenomenon because of cheap instant noodles, when the case of the economic downturn, people are frugal to buy instant noodles boil the day, so the sales volume of Mummy was a sharp rise.  Not matter which type instant noodles, it must need the big instant noodles production line to complete this process, so choose the machine also is a very important step.



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