The Advantages of Offering Wafer Biscuit Manufacturing Line

Gelgoog Machinery Company  is really a well-known wafer production gear distributor in China, and our products are incredibly popular within the international marketplace
as a result of our aggressive strengths as listed under.

1442_P_14612880116921. Substantial Market Share
Amid all of the Chinese wafer biscuit makers, in excess of 65% of them have purchased KEHUA food processing machinery, and our wafer biscuit manufacturing lines may also be favored by Nestle, Kraft, Nabisco together with other popular brands. In recent years, our goods have already been exported to quite a few nations and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America as well as the Middle East.

2.We have been specialized in equipment manufacturing for wafer and waffle production marketplace due to the fact our establishment, that signifies we now have above 15 years of practical experience within this marketplace. It is a excellent fortune for us, and in addition, it assures steady product or service high quality.

3. Steady Technological Innovation
As of 2007, our
firm has acquired quite a few invention patents and utility model patents, and the complete amount exceeds ten. Thanks to these intellectual properties, we could construct related machines ahead of other csm_bild_text_modul_expand_welt_der_waffeln_sandwich_02_6c2b265ac9manufacturers.

4. Harmless and Precise Functioning
Our wafer
production lines are built according to HACCP program. Consequently, the key parts are controlled inside a safer and even more exact way.

5. All-encompassing Services
offers a total solution, from pre-sales schematic design to after-sales installation and servicing, so as to assist consumers out from annoying issues.
If you are interested in the wafer biscuit production line, please contact us freely.

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