Chips Frying Machine in Longer China

frying-machineDescription of industrial  chips frying machine:
1.  Steady Fryer can be called belt fryer, it can be employed for unique material, this kind of as all kinds of nuts, potato chips/strips.
2This kind of fryer realizes the frying continuous and automatically.
three Steady fryer is the key elements throughout fried peanut manufacturing, it receipts blanching peanuts, deliver them to heated oil, in the course of frying, the peanuts will keep over the belt and be fried evenly inside short time.
3. Resulting from speed of conveyor is specified, peanut will remain in oil pan with identical time. Fried peanuts can keep uniform colour and similar taste.
4. Steady fryer has heat prevention layer, as a way to retain temperature of oil in same temperature, meanwhile, furthermore, it avoid heat reduction, increase the heat vitality utilization.
5. Continuous Peanut Fryer is matched with sophisticated oil filtering method to maintain the oil clean each of the time, this technique promise the fried peanut with glazed and quite shade.
6.six Continuous fryer is usually designed in electrical or gasoline to become heated; it really is a perfect machinery for modern day industrial foods factory

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