Invite You to the Canton Fair

The 122nd world machinery exhibition will be held on 15-19 October,2017. The booth number of Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery is 8.0I12. Welcome to attend.

We are a professional food processing machinery manufacturer in China. is carried out in 2010 after the establishment of enterprise of the limited liability company, which is technology-intensive areas of key enterprises in Zhengzhou National Spark 27. Our main products are peanut and sesame butter production line, nuts shelling machine, nuts roasting machine, nuts and beans skin peeling machine, frying machine, noodles machine, starch machines etc. If you need them, just feel free to contact me.

Canton fair, founded in the spring of 1957, during the spring and autumn every year held in Guangzhou, now we have nearly 50 years of history, is currently the longest history, highest level, China’s largest, most complete items, most merchants, clinch a deal the effect of the best comprehensive international trade event.

The trade method of Canton fair is flexible and diversified, except for the traditional sample transaction, and also holds an online fair. The Canton fair is mainly for export trade, as well as import business. It can also carry out various forms of economic and technical cooperation and exchange, as well as business activities such as commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising and consulting. From all over the world, merchants from all over the world flock to Guangzhou to enhance friendship and friendship.

Canton Fair is a three-dimensional book, business days the pilot. Do you want to innovate? To see the Canton Fair counterparts on display, you want to broaden the manufacturing ideas? To see how the business on the Canton Fair. Have you encountered a downturn in the market? To see the world to Canton Fair dynamic. Canton Fair is unchanged in the big change, big change forever. Year-old products on display at the same time, and not change in the product innovation, from low to high-end to the intelligent changes, such as Ningbo Ruyi Co., Ltd. products, from the beginning of a single tensioner products on display Logistics products manual hydraulic pallet truck, stacking high car display, and to semi-electric, all electric forklift electric car display, and these two intelligent logistics products, unmanned forklifts, electric stacker, etc. on display, People have my gifted, gifted me wisdom. Product innovation every year, attract new customers every year, every year business step wave. Thinking change in the change, from the change in the new students, Canton Fair is the big class of business learning.

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