Method to Make Lipstick Using Colloid Mill

When it comes to lipstick, I’m sure everyone will be familiar with it. Lipstick is one of the necessary cosmetics for modern women. Recently, a cosmetics company purchased a peanut grinder machine for grinding lipstick paints. Most of the customers who buy colloids are used in food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, but for the first time they are used to grind lipstick. How does the colloid mill grind the lipstick?

Lipstick formula: wax, grease, softener, alcohol, essence, preservative and antioxidant, pigment etc.

There are several steps to the process of lipstick:

Raw material preparation for pigment grinding; A mixture of pigments and matrices; Mold forming; The flame appears light on the surface.

1. Preparation of raw materials: before the ingredients are prepared, the ingredients must be obtained according to the formula. After checking the quality and quantity of the ingredients, the ingredients are correct.

2, pigment grinding: will be part of the oil content and pigment powder mix inside the reaction kettle, the pigment powder/oil mass ratio is about 2:1, due to the high viscosity material, need to make the high shear mixer. Then, the pulp is ground through the colloid mill, so that the pigment powder is evenly dispersed.

3, pigment matrix with mixed: the slurry into the reaction kettle, maintain a temperature of 70 ℃, and after full melting mix, filtered into the vacuum deaeration pot. In a vacuum defoaming pot, the base of the lipstick matrix and the color pulp are mixed thoroughly, and then the vacuum degassing is carried out through the 200 mesh stainless steel mesh.

4, mold molding, mould preheating first to 35 ℃, then pour slurry into the mould for cooling, cooling after open the mould immediately, remove and add special tray, ready to flame surface polishing.

5, flame surface glazing: after demoulding lipstick, surface smoothness and brightness is not enough, general insert has been the base of the lipstick packaging products through the flame heating, make the lip gloss surface melting, form bright smooth surface.

It turns out that women’s favorite lipstick is made. More colloid mill grind material details, can consult our customer service directly.

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How to open a almond powder factory?

Almond powder is a processed product of almond buy almond powder making machine, like almond, its raw materials are almonds. Almond powder, can maintain skin, fade color spot, make skin white and tender. It is widely believed by historians that apricots and dates are the plants with the longest planting history.

Ancient persians and arabs made “almond milk” from almond meat and water as a refreshing drink or as a seasoning ingredient for other foods. Almond flour is a kind of apricot, which is ground and processed by almond.

Almond powder is rich in nutrients such as fibrous, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin B17 and unsaturated fatty acids.

If you want to open almond powder factory, you need many almond processing machines, such as almond shelling machine, peeling peeling machine and almond powder making  machine etc..

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almond powder

How do you make chocolate?

In industry, if  you want to make chocolate, you may need to open a chocolate factory and  buy some cocoa bean processing machines. But if you want to make chocolate at home, the following is a simple method.

Soft heart chocolate material:

Dark chocolate 200 grams, light cream 100 grams, nuts a few grains, decoration: dark chocolate, cocoa, coconut, chocolate color needles, nuts broken

Thick soft heart chocolate practices:

1, cut into small pieces of dark chocolate, into the bowl water heated to melt (chocolate temperature can not exceed 50 degrees).

2, light cream a little hot to warm (not cool).

3, until the temperature of the melted chocolate is reduced to warm, slowly add the heated cream, while stirring.

4, Stir chocolate cream liquid into the refrigerator, refrigerated for about 30 minutes until the whole near solidification, but also the degree of kneading.


1, the other will be some black chocolate to melt into chocolate liquid.

2, take some ice chocolate, wrapped in a hazelnut kernel, and then into a ball.

3, put the chocolate ball in the melted black in the rolling, covered with chocolate liquid, then roll full of nuts broken, on the shelf to dry to solid – this is a layer of thin crispy chocolate ball.

4, other decorations: good ball of chocolate balls, direct contact with cocoa powder, coconut and chocolate needles – this is the soft heart delicate chocolate ball.

Finally, the dessert master tells everyone a production tips: dark chocolate and fresh oil ratio of 2: 1, be sure to use high cocoa butter dark chocolate, taste, taste will be good.

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