Manufacture Peanut Shelling Machine

Peanut shelling machine is to solve the peanut  equipment on the market today is not uniform, difficult to remove impurities, the production process of dust, environmental pollution problems, according to the needs of the current peanut market research and development of universal products .
I plant peanut sheller supply equipment has the advantages of simple and compact structure, easy operation, reliable technology, stable production, good performance characteristics, the main features are processed peanuts broken low, clean, good color, less impurities, all Indicators are in line with national standards, can be widely used in various types of peanut processing enterprises.

The peanut peeling machine equipment is stable rod shelling, the wind primaries, the proportion of separation and selection, selection, selection and removal of peanuts can be automatically loaded into sacks, with a simple and compact structure, flexible operation and easy maintenance Maintenance, shelling efficiency, high cost performance, labor-saving and other characteristics of the equipment to adapt to the grain, oil processing plants and peanut peanut processing operations in the food industry, but also the majority of flowers in rural areas and the ideal combination of individual households to get rich equipment.

Professional peanut sheller supply business types include peanut peeling machine, peanut sheller, peanut peeling machine, peanut stone machine. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, high production efficiency, less damaged machine, low damage rate, high removal rate, easy to use and maintain, etc. It can process any kind of peanut fruit.

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Pistachio Cracking Machine Suppliers

Companies specializing in manufacturing all kinds of  pistachio cracking machine and related equipment, to create the first in the field of Chinese nuts, and create an excellent national brand, and strive to puffed food industry in China to a new level. Our company is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing, service as one of the international professional manufacturer of puffing equipment business entities.

The company mainly engaged in:
First, the extruded series: puffed snack foods (crisp fruit, fried rice sugar, rice crackers; rice crackers, all kinds of cakes of puffing).
Second, the air puffing series: rice, wheat, corn, tartary buckwheat, barley, peanuts, beans, millet, sorghum, pigskin and other grains of puffing; pine nuts, pistachios, chestnuts and other nuts steam-type steam machine. Third, rice noodles food machinery: twist machine, stuffing machine, automatic egg roll machine, moon cake molding machine, and noodle machine series.

We insist on the concept of sustainable development and sustainable development, take the lead of product quality as the strategic target of our enterprise development, adhering to the business philosophy of “integrity-based, pragmatic innovation, pursuit of excellence, customer first”; integrating product, technology, management, marketing Resources and other advantages, enhance the company’s competitiveness and overall strength, so that enterprises gradually toward a benign and rapid development track.

Working Principle of Pistachio Cracking Machine

The pistachio into the sealed tank using liquefied petroleum gas or coal heating, when the tank to obtain high temperature and pressure at the same time, the tank of pistachio in the high temperature environment to kill bacteria at the same time, the skin does not use any additives will naturally Soften, and then instantaneous pressure relief, the formation of internal and external pressure difference, in order to achieve pistachio shell cracking.

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Broad Bean Peeling Machine Supplier

Broad bean is a herb growing legumes.  For food, vegetables and feed, green manure and crops. Native Europe’s Mediterranean coast, southwestern Asia to North Africa. Broad bean nutritional value, with 8 kinds of essential amino acids. Carbohydrate content of 47% to 60%, edible, but also for feed, green manure and honey plant cultivation. For food, vegetables and feed, green manure and crops.

Our factory is an industry and trade unit. Since 1980, has been engaged in research and development of miscellaneous grains processing machinery, especially beans peeling machine, is the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Commission issued a new product trial planning project is the first successful development in our province New products, and through the Municipal Science and Technology Commission appraisal, and access to scientific and technological progress awards. A variety of models by the national patent.

Our plant the production of broad bean peeling machine. We supply broad bean peeling machine, soybean peeling machine. Pea peeled 杌. Broad bean cutting machine. Bowl bean cutting machine, green bean cutting machine, hoist. Douban grading sieves and other popular throughout the country. Exported to South America, Malaysia, Iraq Other states and countries.

Broad bean use
⒈ fresh broad beans can be used as vegetables,
⒉ cook, fried, soup and other practices.
⒊ into the medicine, Chinese medicine think broad bean sweet, with stomach, dampness swelling, detoxification effect.
⒋ can also be used as feed or green manure.
⒌ can be used as food, vegetables, herbs, feed, green manure.

6. dried beans can be used as food.

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What are the benefits of black gram?

Black grams contain up to 36% to 40% protein, which is twice as much as meat, 3 times as much as eggs and 12 times as much as milk. Black beans contain 18 kinds of amino acids, especially 8 essential amino acids. Black beans also contain 19 kinds of oils Acid, the unsaturated fatty acid content of 80%, up to 95% absorption rate, in addition to meet the body’s need for fat, but also reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood. Basically, black beans contain no cholesterol, only plant sterols, and plant sterols are not absorbed by the body, but also inhibit the body to absorb cholesterol and reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, eat black beans, can soften blood vessels, moisturize the skin, anti-aging. Especially for high blood pressure, heart disease and other patients benefit. Black beans trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, fluorine and other high levels, and these trace elements to delay human aging, reduce blood viscosity is very important.

Fiber content up to 4%, often eat black grams, can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion and prevent constipation. Black beans, sweet, flat, non-toxic. A blood, water, expelling wind, detoxification, nourishing blood, tonic UFA functions. “Compendium of Materia Medica,” said: “black beans and more than eight kidney, it can rule the water, swollen, under the gas, wind heat and blood detoxification.”

We are professional black gram skin removing machine manufacturer in China. If you want to know more about the black grams and machines, just contact Serena.

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Sesame Bar Cutting and Making Machine for Sale

The sesame bar cutting machine belongs to food processing field, in particular to a halvah automatic slicing machine. With the progress of technology, processing equipment, there are many candy products, but with brown sugar boil making Matang strong adhesive, it is easy to stick in the knife blade, a knife will undermine the overall appearance but sticky cymarose, problem size Matang and different shapes in appearance, taste is not good etc.. The machine comprises a main body base and the moving frame, slicing device and a driving device in the main base, square rail mobile rack placed in the base of the body on the moving frame connected by small gear and transmission device, slicing device connected via the mobile frame and the base of the body, a slicing device is connected with the transmission device through the chain transmission mechanism. This machine can slice thickness adjustment, can cut a variety of specifications and non stick knives, sesame candy, sesame candy piece of uniform thickness, beautiful appearance, good taste. The structure is simple, the cost is low, the use is safe, and the energy consumption is saved. This machine has authorized the national utility model patent.

Technical parameters of sesame bar making machine:
All the power of this equipment comes from 750W single item speed reducer (power supply: home electric 220V)
The overall size of the equipment: 1.7 meters long, 0.7 meters wide and 1.2 meters high
Cutter rotation speed: 1.5 turn / second
Cutting speed of cutting knife: 1.5 knife / second (2 seconds cut 3)
Feed speed of the cutter: 3mm-45mm/ sec (i.e. the distance set by 3 sections in 3 seconds)
Slice thickness: no pole adjustment between 3mm-25mm
The cutting standard size (900*250*80mm) can be lengthened or shortened according to the requirements of the customer.

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Dried Red Pepper Grinding Machine for Sale

This dried red pepper grinding machine is made of Icr18Ni9Ti stainless steel. It has strong corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for processing advanced and corrosive materials. This machine adopts impact crushing method. When the material enters the crushing chamber, it is impacted by six movable hammers, which are swivel at high speed. The material is crushed by the impact between the gear ring and the material. The crushed material enters the powder bag through the sieve hole with the help of the air flow, leaving no residue. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reliable work performance and product quality, safe operation, small drug hygiene and low loss.

Pepper powder grinder use note:
1, in order to user’s personal safety, the power must be grounded.
2, crushed material must be dry, not suitable for processing moist and fat Chinese medicine.
3, smash the drug do not exceed half the crush tank capacity.
4, usually only half a minute crushed Chinese medicine, hard drugs crushed for a minute.
5, the machine can not be used continuously for a long time, each time not more than 5 minutes boot time. If the processing of a large number, should be used at intervals to prevent bearing overheating, damage to the motor.
6, open the cover, do not start the switch.
7, long-term use, carbon brush and blade, such as serious wear and tear, need to be replaced.
8, often check the blade screw must be tightened.
9, daily work is completed, the machine airborne turn 2min, the remaining material suction clean. After shutting down, open the cover to check whether the parts are damaged, and close the cover after clearing the excess materials.

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How do you eat hemp seeds?

When it comes to edible method of hemp seeds, many people are not clear. This is mainly because the hemp is not common in our life, or that for many people, is not the solution of hemp seeds. Hemp seeds shelling machine is a good device to shell seeds.

The general market there is no cannabis sold, so many people do not know this is one of the main reasons of the edible method of hemp seeds. Hemp seed is a kind of herb of hemp seed, is edible.

Hemp seed is actually a lot of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine is often used cannabis, and in many traditional Chinese medicine prescription which is often added in hemp seed, this is mainly because the effect of cannabis sativa decision. In fact, there are many ways to eat a lot of people do not know the hemp fruit, edible method here is cannabis sativa.

Edible method

1, the hemp seed wine: hemp seed 150g, grind for powder. With rice wine soaked in 500g, their clothes.

The party to take the heepseed spleen to remove dampness and wine to enhance its nourishing effect and Lisa medicine. Can be used as adjuvant treatment of beriberi. The original book is used for “beriberi abdominal Bi”, namely beriberi and abdominal swelling, nausea, paralysis.

2, porridge: hemp seed 15g, perilla 10g, rice amount. The first two are grind with water, and the juice is divided into two times to cook porridge.
Hemp seed of Perilla frutescens can and laxative, it used to strengthen the curative effect. For postpartum dizziness, sweating, constipation or the elderly, frail people.
The hemp seed Yanlan, rice porridge with water, treatment of constipation, its meaning and the same.

3, method of making huomaren hemp seed and herbal tea: Sesame with simmered fried to golden, then put them into the blender, add water into smooth, slag separated with gauze, then hemp juice sugar seasoning, boil can be drinking. Although the production method appears to be simple, but is not an overdose of cannabis, otherwise there will be poisoning may be better, so the herbal tea to drink.

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