How to build a rice huller machine?

Rice, as the most important food crop, is an indispensable food source for people every day. The existing rice is sold after being processed into rice, or the grain is sent to the processing point for processing and then sent to the user. This approach has increased the sales of packaging and transportation, making it exposed to the outside world for a long time after processing, which not only pollutes rice, but also causes the loss of nutrients in rice.

The existing rice huller machine and processing equipment is complicated to operate and has high operational risk and requires professionals to operate. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve the current grind after the grain is grinded and the nutrition of the grain is not lost.


In order to solve the above technical problems, a method for manufacturing a rice sheller machine is provided. By using a user interface that is convenient to operate, the grain is ready to be cooked and the nutrition of the cereal is maintained.


A rice dehulling machine includes a feeding unit, a processing unit, a discharging unit and an outlet unit, characterized in that the processing unit is disposed in a casing, and the feeding unit includes a feeding inlet. The discharging unit includes a discharging port, and the output unit includes a discharging port. The feeding port, the discharging port, and the outlet port are all disposed on an outer surface of the housing, and a security gate is disposed on the inlet port. The grain husking machine also includes a consuming unit and a control unit, the consuming unit is disposed on the front panel of the cabinet, and the control unit is connected to the consuming unit and the processing unit. When the user inputs the quantification through the consumption unit After the currency, the security door on the feed inlet is opened, the user introduces cereals from the feed inlet to the feeding unit, and the control unit controls the processing unit to unpack the cereal and completes the process. The hulled rice is discharged from the discharge port of the discharge unit and the bran is discharged from the outlet of the dewatering unit.

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