Groundnut Shelling Cleaning Machine for Sale

Groundnut shelling machine, using six tie lines rubbing roller surface and the peeling gate, to achieve uniform and efficient peanut sheller; after shelling peanuts along the screen surface upward, through the kernel control mechanism of automatic bagging, not peeling peanut fruit, along the screen surface downward, after feeding back into the wind. The machine feeding port, and then by the wind machine into the other two positions of the roll bar shelling shelling, and then separating and cleaning, so as to realize all the shelling.

Different sizes and sizes of various kinds of groundnuts are different, and the size is two. Before the shelling, there is a a groundnut stone removing machine, used to remove stones and other objects, and automatic feeding in shelling machine.

Peanut sheller shelling clean, high productivity, the cleaning device shelling machine, but also requires a higher cleanliness. And the loss rate is low and the crushing rate is small. It is only necessary to put peanuts into the hopper in a quantitative, uniform and continuous way. The peanut shell is broken under the action of repeated blow, friction and collision in the rotor.

Features of Groundnut Sheller Machine

First, it has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, long service life, high output, low breakage rate and so on.

Two. It can be used in single machine and can be used by multi machine. It is ideal processing equipment for milk white peanut kernel and spicy spicy crisp, and its operation flexibility is high.

Three, the principle of differential rolling friction belt is applied. After the moisture content of peanuts is less than 5% (avoid baking), the peanuts are sucked away and the peanuts are separated automatically from the red ones.

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