Groundnut Shelling Machine Suppliers

We are a professional supplier of groundnut shelling machine manufacturers, our company set research design, manufacturing, technical services as a whole, strong technical force, rich design experience, has many years of production experience, according to customer demand, and constantly improve the product structure and performance, and currently has become the backbone of peanut machinery industry.

As a professional supplier of peanut shelling machine manufacturers, peanut shelling machine produced by our company is our factory developed universal product development according to the current demand of peanut market, its main characteristic is the processing of peanuts breaking rate, sorting clean, good color, less impurities, the indicators in line with national standards. Peanut sheller using bar, fan, bar, concave plate, gravity separation and two hoist is composed of several parts, simple and compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance, safe and reliable.

Groundnut shelling machine choice for us, my company has strong technical strength, well-equipped technology, advanced detection means, as in the past will follow the “quality first, reputation first” business purpose, to make our products into thousands of households.

In addition to the peanut machinery, our company has other peanut machinery products, and our company with strong technical strength and more than 20 years of production experience, and excellent products, efficient, honest, professional corporate image, get full recognition and praise from our customers, products throughout the country and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia etc. dozens of countries and regions.

Contact information:
Skype: serenayan666
Whatsapp/Mobile: +8618595717505



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