Manual Groundnut Shelling Machine for Sale

In general, to make the seeding and laminating machine of a groundnut shelling machine achieve the desired working results, it is necessary to adjust the working positions appropriately, such as the seeding depth, spacing, spacing, application amount, fertilizer amount, ridging height, and mulch film. The degree of horizontal and vertical tension, the amount of earth covering, etc., must be carefully adjusted in accordance with local agronomic requirements and product manuals.

Peanut sheller sowing operation skills:
Adjustment of 1 row spacing According to the agronomic work requirements, the positioning device of the sowing machine seedling device is moved on both sides at the same time, generally about 28 cm. The adjustment of the plant spacing, according to agronomic operation requirements and seed size, replacement of seed plates, generally 12 ~ 15cm.
2 According to the requirements against the good liquid, pour into the liquid cylinder, inflate the cylinder to the air pressure to achieve the required value, replace the liquid should be loosened first loose tube cover deflation, release the gas and then open the lid and add medicine; Agent instructions require the addition of herbicide, fill the cartridge full of water, tighten the lid, open the air intake switch to inflate the tank, the fertilizer into the fertilizer tank, adjust the amount of fertilizer, fertilizer before adding the fertilizer tank to remove debris, no harden.
3 The driving wheel and the ground should maintain a certain pressure, and the pressing force can be adjusted by adjusting the compression length of the ground wheel compression spring. The moldboard in front of the drive wheel and the clearance between the ground wheel and the ground wheel cannot be adjusted too large.
4 The adjustment of seeding rate is accomplished by the cooperation of the ground wheel shaft and the different gears of the seed shaft. The ground wheel shaft should be equipped with different gears of the seed shaft according to the actual needs. The hole spacing should be adjusted with the teeth of the shaft gear, and the teeth should be adjusted when the teeth are large. The shaft gears are fitted.

peanut 2

In addition, for the groundnut shelling machine, after the mulch is covered, the lamination roller presses the side membrane, and the earth-covering device presses the earth-covered membrane. The excavation mouth of the roller cage should be compatible with the sowing line. At the same time, the whole machine is connected with the three-point suspension of the small four-wheel tractor, and the implement is connected with the traction components of the tractor, and the limit position is connected. When the operation is performed, the limited zipper must be used.

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