Why Peanut Butter Machines Become More Industrialized?

is-peanut-butter-healthy-v2-2The most recent research uncovered by an American scientist that peanut butter is not really only wealthy in vitamin A, vitamin E, protein and trace factors, but also includes a substantial amount of single unsaturated fatty acids, which might lower body?ˉs cholesterol amounts as well as the danger of heart disorder. Moreover, a Harvard University review proved that ladies who frequently eat peanut butter and nuts, less more likely to build diabetes. Furthermore, since the peanut butter is nutritious, very good taste, handy consumption for distinctive gender and age groups, its products favored by customers, the market prospect is broad.
The peanut butter processing line made is according to marketplace demand and controlled by electricity.  independent of thoroughly automated peanut butter line method ought to be like this: raw materials-pick stone-shelling, baking-cooling-picking-grinding-mixing-cooling-degassing-filling. This device can make a variety of peanut butter, as an example steady peanut butter, creamy peanut butter, salty peanut butter, sweet peanut butter together with other peanut butter. We are capable to produce peanut butter line with distinct capacity in accordance with customers’ wants and necessities.

How to Make the Peanut Butter Noodles?

1. Boiling a large pot of water, then add noodles in the pot, cooking  them according to instructions soft. Finally Drain these noodles.

2. At the same time, put the chicken soup, ginger, soy sauce, peanut butter, honey, chili sauce and garlic into a small pot. The peanut butter is a very important seasoning in the making process. Then heating the peanut butter for the next step. Finally, add noodles with these seasoning, stir well, add some green onion and peanuts into the noodles. The peanut butter noodles is finished.

3. The peanut butter you would better buy them from the market. Because this peanut butter is made by  the professional peanut butter making machine, they will taste more better than your own made.

The Advantage of Drinking Soy Milk

jcc01533-1The benefits of drinking soy milk:

The soy milk in market are usually made of  soybeans making machine, because it can achieve high capacity for your business. The benefits of drinking milk more, such as: to prevent bronchitis attack, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease; with indigestion people drink milk, the body is not good. Specific analysis of the benefits of drinking soy milk, as following:

The benefits of drinking milk:

1, to prevent the onset of bronchitis: soy milk containing wheat, wheat can prevent bronchitis smooth muscle spasm, so drink soy milk can reduce the onset of bronchitis.

2, anti-aging: soy milk contained rich in selenium, vitamin E, C, have great antioxidant function, can make the body’s cells “rejuvenation”, it is especially for brain cells.

12379003_11n3, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease: soy milk contains with soy sterols and potassium, magnesium, calcium can enhance the excitement of the heart blood vessels, it can improve nutrition, reduce cholesterol, promote blood flow to prevent vascular spasm.

Some things still should be attention:

1, infant, gout patients are not suitable for drinking: not everyone is suitable for drinking milk, such as: less than 6 months of the baby, with gout or renal insufficiency and other diseases are not allowed to drink milk.

2, stomach cold people are not suitable for drinking: soy milk is cold, so there stomach cold people can not drink.

3, indigestion of people: more protein with soy milk, fear of indigestion people drink milk, more difficult to digest.

Scientific drinking milk, drink a healthy.


How to Drink the Juice in a Right Way?

juice-cleanse-141114Before you drink the juice, there  are some problems about how to drink the juice.

First one is that, when should we drink the juice is better?

Drinking the juice in the morning is more better than other time. I our daily life, we always are busy, so sometime we have not time to eat the breakfast. But the juice is your good friend. Drinking juice in the morning can help you to keep supplement the VC for your body.

Second, Do we need to drink the juice everyday?

fresh-juices-without-a-juicerForm the research, one bottle juice (250ml) can offer a whole day VC for your body. Drinking juice just like eat fruits, bottle juice can not make you feel Satiety.

Third, what is the best choice for you to drink?

Drinking a small bottle fruit juice and vegetable juice is best for a adult. The fruit has low calories and it can not increase your fat.


juice-cleanse-141114Fourth, it the baby suitable for drinking the juice?

For kids, if they drinking to much juice will cause they diarrhea. So for kids the water is best choice for them.  Juice can be used as healthy snacks, children can occasionally drink once a week.


Firth, what can not drink with the juice?

Juice can not mixing with milk. Because the there are AHA in the juice which can make response with the milk. So these two drinks should be drink separately.

And if you want to know about the information about the drinking juice, please feel free to contact with me.




Home Made Peanut Butter by Yourself

Many people think that make peanut butter is a very easy thing at home, of course, if you want to eat peanut butter ina very quickly way, you can also go to market to buy peanut butter.  Actually, we all know that, peanut butter contain the rich trans fat, it not good for people’s life. So that’s also one reason why people becomes more dislike to eat peanut butter in their daily life. And nowadays, the foods safety also is a big problem for people health. So  why not to make peanut butter buy ourselves? The  peanut butter we made by ourselves will more healthy for our body.


Peanuts,  olive oil,  salt, sugar.


shutterstock_181523570Making process:

  1. put the raw peanuts into the peanuts roaster machine, and keep the temperature about 15o ℃, and roasting them about 20 minuts is ok.
  2. Cooling them, and peeling peanuts’ red skin. If you think it is difficult for you to peel these peanuts. The nuts peeling machine is essential for you. But this machines is more suitable for small factory, and not very suitable for homemade processing.
  3. And then put these peanuts which had been peeled by machine or hands into the grinding machine, this machine is very important for making peanut butter. Because you do not crush them by hand delusion, this is not possible for a people.
  4.  During the grinding process,  you can also put some  seasoning, peanut butter will taste more better.

So making peanut butter at home is not means by only only using your hands, some essential machines also necessary, if you have more interesting about this machine, please contact us with serena@machinehall.com


How to Make Peanut Butter at Home

big_1391875593      One of many benefits of making peanut butter at your house may be the benefit of adaptability. Texture, fluidity, add-on ingredients  call in your hands.        Within this Indian-style homemade peanut butter, we get the most from this advantage. With spices and tamarind, and also the flavor of sesame, the classic peanut butter gets a unique styling.   

     Till a month back, my chutney grinder had churned peanut powder often enough for curries, but peanut butter was unknown terrain.  Incredibly, all it takes to go from peanut powder to peanut butter is prolonged churning. It’s so ridiculously easy that there’s not good reason to buy peanut butter from stores.   

     The previous few weeks for me personally happen to be a time period of peanut butter testing. From plain, honey-flavored, sesame-spiked to chili-spiced ¨C I tried them all. Sharing that one peanut butter recipe along with you which goes well having a number of dishes. Spread it on toast, dip parathas into it, and have it quietly with grain and dal. Indian-style peanut butter is super-good, but is you are interested in other step peanut butter, you can also make them at home. On the contrary, if you are interested in making peanut butter making, and you don’t know how to make them at home, or you can not do well at home. Just try to buy peanut butter making machine to help you. It’s best choice for you, isn’t it?

Delicious Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream


       As we all know that peanut butter is not just for lunch boxes, it is an inexpensive, versatile ingredient flavoring up anything from savory soups to sweet pies. Plan your meals around this kitchen mainstay with these peanut butter recipes. There are some amazing recipes out there, I think you will  can’t help yourself.   I’m not sure if there is a more classic dessert flavor combination than chocolate and peanut butter. Let’s get down to business, there is some crazy goodness ahead.
       Delicious Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream
names      If you’re interesting in eating peanut butter and chocolate together, i think you must like to eat peanut butter cups.  Once you are like to eat peanut butter cups, I’m sure you’ll agree with that peanut butter cups are really, really awesome when they’re fresh out of the freezer. So it’s really  enjoyment to put them in ice cream, where you can eat a piece of frozen peanut butter cup in every bite. Eating peanut butter ice cream is a enjoy to relax yourself at any place.
         Eating peanut butter ice cream cone is worth every calorie in your body. It’s worth every peanut buttery, a bit high sodium and chocolatey chunky bite. It was worth the extra 2 miles I needed to run at the gym today as well as the salad I ate for lunch. You have to ensure it is, especially if you’re in one of these places right now, or if you’re just wanting chocolate-peanut butter things.