How to Make Fried Falafel

  1. Place chickpeas in a food processor; puree to a thick paste.
  2. Place onion, parsley, and garlic in the food processor; puree with chickpeas until combined. Transfer to a bowl.
  3. Whisk egg, cumin, coriander, salt, baking powder, lemon juice, black pepper, and cayenne pepper together in a small bowl.
  4. Stir egg mixture and 1 tablespoon olive oil into chickpea mixture until well mixed.
  5. Slowly stir bread crumbs into chickpea mixture until it holds together but is not sticky.  Adjust with more or less bread crumbs as needed.
  6. Form mixture into balls and flatten into small patties.
  7. Pour olive oil to 1 inch deep in a large cast iron skillet; place over medium-high heat.
  8. Fry patties in hot oil until browned,  3 to 5 minutes per side( for large capacity, frying machine is necessary).

The advantages of Peanuts

%e5%8e%bb%e7%9a%ae%e6%9c%baIn addition to various peanut butter machines, we also export fine peanuts and peanut kernels to the whole world. China, the US, Argentina and India are the top four peanut exporters. From 2002-2012, the average annual peanut export volume in China, the United States, Argentina and India, are 359.9 tons, 196.2 tons, 170.5 tones and 119.6 tons respectively, accounting for 29.05% of the total exports of the world peanut, 15.84%, 13.76% and 9.65%, respectively, and together accounted for 68.30% of the world’s average annual export volume. Thanks to fertile wilds, warm weather and vast land, China is capable to produce peanuts in the whole year, and if you have any requirement and need, we do believe we can provide beyond your mind.

An Introduction to Peanuts

The peanut or groundnut was probably first domesticated and cultivated in the South America. Peanut is cultivated in more than one hundred countries in the world at present, most common in Asian and followed by Africa. Peanut cultivation history in Chinese document is 100 years earlier than in Europe. Thanks to its high oil content, rich nutrition and dedicate smell, peanut is known as meat bean. Addition for food, peanut is also applied into printing and dyeing and paper industry. Peanut is also one kind of traditional Chinese medicines good for malnutrition, stomach disorder and breast milk lacking.

How to Distinguish the Different Starch?

Ways to distinguish involving corn starch, potato starch, puerarin starch
3107-141210103111319_400_2501>. Corn Starch
Corn starch can also be known as corn flour, corn starch, corn starch, you can find areas referred to as bean powder, is extracted from corn starch starch – the biggest provide of starch, but not as good as Potato starch performance. Hong Kong known as the main raw powder is corn starch. This starch usually use the corn starch making machine, but this way usually make big pollution of the environment, so many countries has prohibited use the corn to make the corn starch.

2>. Potato Starch
That’s raw potato starch, potato starch would be the most stable starch supplies amongst the starch. Its character is sticky adequate, delicate texture, colour with white, shiny than mung bean starch, but with bad water absorption skill. The moment add the water, heat will condense right into a transparent viscous shape, in the Chinese cooking generally include also very little cold water and include cooked rice cooked in the hook to produce the soup thick, while making The food appears shiny. On the other hand, the soup made from the potatoes starch is as well thick soon after cold, the corn starch soup will not change.

Sweet potato powder used in the manufacturing of more Chinese dim sum.
20140727234206_352343>. Kudzu Starch
Kudzu powder is made of the perennial plant “Arrowroot” which grow underground stem, because “Kudzu” construction of almost pure starch, washing them , then drying, milling, lastly you may get the Kudzu starch. Kudzu Starch may be used to thicken the soup, along with the function is just like corn starch.

4>.Tapioca Flour
Cassava starch also named Tapioca Flour, Thailand powder (since Thailand is definitely the third greatest cassava producer country from the globe, so the cassava starch is very well-known). It’ll become into transparent immediately after cooking with water, and lots of persons like to use cassava starch as their materials when cooking foods.

The Ice Cream Cone Making Process

thumb_2014122934833001Ice cream cone making organization may be initiated as a residence primarily based and smaller scale basis. Ice cream cones of quite a few varieties flavours and in distinct types are served round the year and demand is going up year following year. The most well known mode of serving is in cones because it is neat & clean, easy to store and there is no disposal need. With the continuous increase in the sale of ice-creams, demand for cones is increasing. It’s a consumer durable item.

Ice cream cones generally come with different colours and flavours. Ice cream cones are not only convenient but there is no residual waste as well. Manufacturing process is simple and simple machinery is involved in manufacturing. An entrepreneur with a proper planning can initiate this small business with low startup capital investment.

Consumption of ice-cream has been increasing steadily over the years. With changing lifestyles and food habits, this trend would continue even in future. A majority of the consumers prefer ice cream in cups or cones. Serving in paper cups requires a spoon to eat and disposal is a problem. But in the case of cones, there is no need to have a spoon and they are eaten along with the ice-cream.


t_0f5a0df892ee9438c3bf0e7f313e134fIn starting ice cream cone creating organization you will need to register your firm first. Register your business enterprise with ROC (Register Of Companies). Obtain Trade License and Pan Card. As ice cream cone is a food item you will need to have a license from Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Register your organization as SSI Unit. Obtain Vat Registration. You may also register your product brand name as Trade

The major raw materials are wheat and corn flour. Apart from these food colours and flavours are required. These raw materials could be procured from the local wholesale market. You will need to have some packaging materials also. Generally, moisture proof packaging is recommended for ice cream cone packaging.

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Ice Cream Cone Creating Machine( you can change the machine you want)

234969-1403240Q54031_副本Automatic ice cream cone generating machines are available in the market with varying capacities. Capacity has to be decided by the size of the market and required production output. A machine with the capacity to produce 48,000 cones per shift of 8 hours or 144.00 lac cones per year considering 300 working days would cost Rs.2.00 lacs. These machines offer cones to the next process to be filled with ice cream. First, it dispenses batter on the baking plates to prepare the wafer for shaping,then rolls then up,keep them in shape unload them finally.It can be the main device of the production line.

Apart from this, you will need to have some stainless steel utensils, racks, weighing scale and sealing machine.


Initially corn and wheat flour is mixed with water and required quantity of colour and flavours are added. Then this dough is fed to the cone generating machine. The machine makes cones as per the mould they are baked in and ready cones come out of it. 50 or 100 cones are packed in polyethene pouch bag for bulk selling.

How are Instant Noodles Produced?

1449106466608867How are Instantaneous Noodles produced?
Introduction to Immediate Noodles…
As we all know the instant noodles are made from instant noodles manufacturers by instant noodles making line, but people hardly see the making process of processing process.
The main substances in immediate noodles include flour, starch and water.
Producing the Dough
The dough is then left for any time period of time to mature.
Processing the Noodles further
The dough is separated into two sheets and is compounded into 1 noodle belt by passing via rotating rollers.
Removing moisture inside the Noodles
Noodles could be dried by the fried or non-fried way.instant-noodlesFried noodles
Noodles are cooled just after removing moisture in advance of it is actually packaged with seasoning.
Though immediate noodles are effortless and low-cost, it should really not be consumed also frequently as the MSG existing inside the seasoning harms our well being.We must be much more mindful on our heath and only consume it occasionally.
Introduction to Quick Noodles…
The long shelf daily life of immediate noodles that vary from 4¨C12 months is due to reduced water written content.
Introduction to Instantaneous Noodles…
It has been extremely popular among the teenagers as it is a ready-to-cook food which serves lots of ease.
Dissolving salt, starch, and flavouring in water to form a mixture which is then extra to your flour is how a noodle manufacturing commences.
Generating the Dough
Processing noodles even more
The noodles will then pass by way of a slow paced conveyor belt.

How to Make the Crisp Cones?



Commonly, we often eat the crisp cone from the market which made by the crisp cone making machine, even they taste very delicious, but still some people want to make them by their own hands. The making process is not difficult,anyone who want to make crisp cone is ok.  I think this recipe the children will like to eat when you make them. Children will love your recipe forever though your special prepare. There are some step about how to make the crisp cone.


1.Ice cream is essential.

thumb_20141229348330012.The practice of crispy cones:
a: Ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, flour (or with a crispy egg shell powder)
b: Tools: electric crisp cone machine
c: The practice is very simple, the first crispy batter tune, crisp machine can make 180 degrees warm of your materials, and then brush a spoonful of slurry to the machine, the cover pressure, less than 1 minute, you can open the lid, remove the crisp sheet, immediately rolled it into a cylindrical shape. The crisp cone is finished.
d: You can make more crisp cones in one time.  Any time you want to eat them, just take one out, and fill the ice cream is ok.

How to Make Nuts Flour?

%e5%9d%9a%e6%9e%9c%e9%9d%a2%e7%b2%89Nuts flour is very common in our daily life,  actually these nuts flour always made by the nuts milling machine, this machine can quickly make the different flour according your need. But, if you don’t have this machine, how to make this grind the nuts flour by yourself at home.

Making your own personal nuts flour may takes a few minutes and you may get the same fine, light texture because the store-bought counterpart. During this process, it’s better to use?a blender?or?a coffee grinder?as opposed to a mixer since the result is more finely ground, and keeps the nuts from releasing an excessive amount of their skin oils.

And clearly you’re not limited to just almonds flour. You can dabble in pistachio flour, hazelnut flour, pecan flour, walnut flour. Some flours will end up oilier than others, depending on how fatty the nut is. Put on your lab coat, er, apron because this enables flavor experimentation. Build a whole new flavor profile by simply substituting one nut flour for another in, say, a cake recipe. What was once an almond cake with mixed berry compote, can now turn into a pistachio cake with sour cherry compote on impulse.

It’s like telling a golfing novice that they need to hit the ball toward the hole. I buy that, but what’s the easiest method to stand, how hard don’t you hit the ball, which club is better to make use of? Without learning all of the techniques, you’re just blindly going through the motions.
And simply carrying out a recipe is also just going through the motions. How can anyone really learn to bake and do their own flavor variations, and modify a recipe recommended to their liking if he or she doesn’t understand the hows and whys of the way it works behind the curtain? How each ingredient plays a role in the outcome?

I’ve been doing recipe tutorials so far, and referring to techniques throughout each one of these, and as long as I’ve blood within my veins, those continues. However I want to share more tips and techniques which I learned over the years to allow them to be relevant to many recipes, not only the one I are actually showcasing. I’ll be adding a method navigation button on the top so the list can be used a reference. And also the almond flour is first of all. Is it useful for you?