Often Eat Pizza Cone Can Reduce Risk of Cancer

3ab38d00-d490-4a79-ac56-6cc3ea8854c9 7 20146715397 images        In fact, the sauce Lycopene is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of developing esophageal cancer about 59 percent, the researchers said.
In addition, eating pizza can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 26%, and 34% of oral cancer, the researchers found.
Meanwhile, the researchers cautioned that pizza is not a cure for cancer, in and of itself. Healthy lifestyle and diet also helps.
According to BBC reports, the study from the comparison of those with certain cancers and who are not with cancers, the people who  eating  can help people to reduce the recurrence of cancer.

“We know that tomato sauce could offer protection against certain tumors, but we did not expect pizza as a complete meal also to provide such protective powers,” Silva no chicken Dr. Mario Negri Institute pharmaceutical Research in Milan, who led the study, said from BBC. More information about pizza cone making machine, please view the website: http://www.biscuit-machines.com


How many shapes cone do you know?

How many shapes ice cream cone do you know?

First: Rose shape.




Making ice cream with rose shape, it looks very beautiful and can more attractive people’s eyes. You can also put into some chocolate in it. It looks very elegant, you can buy it for your girlfriend or close friend.




Second: Fish shape.





Making the ice cream cone with fish shape which may more attract child’s eyes.

Even adult like to eat them. That looks very creative and cute.




Third: Cone cake.




Cone cake as a new idea come into people’s life very quickly. More and more people like to order a cone cake for birthday. It can bring you more freshness in this specially day.






Fourth: Cone accessories




With the development of society, Cone shape accessories also become very popular for people.  Many articles for daily use can be made with cone shape. Just like the picture, you can put them on the wall and door.

Wafer Cone Making Line

         Many Nigeria customer want  to start his  own business about ice cream , this line can produce perfect cream wafer cones in different shapes and sizes. He also order a set of moulds for flower cup shape cones. At first he think the price is a little high but when he saw our end product and the video of our machine, he  placed the order. But want to make sure the safe of  his order,he just agree to pay 50% as  down payment. He will pay the rest when the machine arrives. It is also accept foe us,we will try our best to provide the best service and products.
       The wafer production line includes: spare parts and tools for automatic electric waffle cup baking oven, beater, air compressor each one, and supplied with a set of accessories.The machine is fully automatic to make ice cream cone wafer with high quality.We can design the different baking machines to make different types of cones as required by clients.
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The origin of wafer cone

You can find three principal kinds of ice cream cone; the cake cone, the? waffle cone, and also the sugar cone. The waffle cone is characterized by a rough or unfinished top edge. The sugar cone is made with similar materials and process as a waffle cone but has a finished top edge and often a chocolate lining.
The waffle pattern on all types of cones, the finished side of the sugar cone, as well as the model of the flat-bottomed cone significantly influence the ease which the finished cones come out of the molds. Cone designers refine the waffle pattern as well as other shape characteristics and then make trial batches to get the best design that releases from the mold without having to burn, breaking, or creating weak spots that will not hold ice cream or will break once the scoop is used. The molded cone includes a lip around the top that keeps drips contained inside of the cone. The row of teeth helps firmly seat the inside track of ice cream and supplies added strength where the upper lip of the cone meets the round base.


The flat base of the cake cone is actually an accepted industry standard, but it wasn’t invented until the late 1940s. Before this, cake cones were also cone shaped, but Joseph Shapiro of the Maryland Cup Corporation made the flat base particularly for the Diary Queen chain. Filling cone-shaped cones and handing these to customers is really a two-handed business, but the flat-bottomed cone stands by itself and could be filled quicker.Shapes and patterns also affect baking characteristics. The finished cone should be uniform colored as well as shiny on the outside of. It should bake uniformly so that all sides are thoroughly cooked. The dimensions is essential because cones are required to hold single, double, and triple scoops. The first scoop has to fill the cone and weight the 20151008162713182bottom without disappearing completely to the cone, along with the third scoop shouldn’t overpower the cone and cause it to break or tip too easily. The filled cone should look equally appetizing whether it has one, two, or three flavors atop it.
Strength is a crucial characteristic, not only to the consumer who holds it. Cones must withstand pre filling within the factory if they are useful for frozen treats just like the Drumstick. Unfilled cones have to be packed together by mechanical devices. The cones must “nest”  neatly to permit efficient packing. Minimal packing materials are utilized to cushion the cones, due to the fact of cost.
Taste is the vital thing design factor. Cake cones ought to be crisp rather than spongy and engaging like a mild cereal. Waffle cones needs to be crunchy and sweet although not too difficult or over-powering in sugar content. The ice cream is the featured food, and so the cone must complement its quality. Nowadays,  with the development of ice cream cone making machine is coming into factories, the ice cream become the popular snacks in people’s life. And more  and more businessmen want to start their business with ice cream cone. Think the ice cream cone have large market in the world and it is a good way to earn more money.