Why the peanut butter making machine is popular in the world

There are several reason why the peanuts butter machine is so popular among the world.  First one, small volume. Actually, this type machine designed with small volume, people can ste them in any where they want for producing butter.  Second one, low price. Due to its simple structure, high quality, it has low price. People can get it for their new business easily. Three one, multifunctional grinding ability. This peanut butter making machine also can produce other nuts into butter, such as the tomatoes sauce, sesame butter, chili sauce,cashew butter, pine butter, dates sauce, etc.



The Equipment Making Tahini Butter

This production line is mainly used for making tahini in the small factory or middle factory.  This tahini production line can make different capacity of tahini just according the customer’s requirement. This whole line is made of from the roasting to the grinding, and even the packing. All of these machines can be customized by special requirements. More information about the tahini production line, please contact us freely.

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