Banana Peanut Butter Production Process

A, selection of materials: dry, bright color, no mildew peanut kernel, commercial banana powder, sucrose, glucose (such as sucrose sweetness is big, can consider to use part of the glucose instead of), edible iodized salt, etc.

Equipment: far-infrared food oven, steel mill (or stone mill), gravity separator (or suction machine), vacuum punching packaging machine, peanut butter machine, etc.

Iii. Specific operation:

1, screening

Remove impurities and mildew, moth and immature particles from peanut kernels.

2, cleaning

Peanut is susceptible to aflatoxin contamination, rapid washing can detoxify 80%.

3, baking

It is decided to finished product flavor, texture and color of the key working procedure, baking temperature at 130 ~ 150 ℃, time of 20 ~ 30 minutes, it is advisable to make the water content of 11% ~ 11%.

4. Take off the peanut red skin and choose

After waiting for peanut temperature below 45 ℃ or peeling, use gravity separator or suction machine remove peanuts membrane, pay attention to adjust the distance between the peeling machine grinding, with peanut can be squeezed into two without being for grinding degree, and then picking out roasted peanut excessive and did not go to the net. Require that the amount of red clothing must not exceed 2%;

5, coarse grinding,

The peeled peanuts are coarsely ground with a steel mill or stone mill.

6. Mix ingredients according to the following formula

Peanut kernels 1000.0g, banana powder 120.0g, monoglyceride 20.0g, sucrose 50.0g, salt 8.0g. The percentage was 83.5% of peanut kernels, 10.0% of banana powder, 4.2% of sucrose, 1.6% of monoglyceride and 0.7% of salt.

7, fine grinding,

Using colloid mill, using the method of the secondary grinding, grinding fineness in about 7 microns, two grinding of outlet temperature control in more than 68 ℃.

8. Cooling, packaging and curing

According to the optimal formulation of peanut butter, shall be immediately the heat produced in the exclusion of grinding, for temperature drops when the temperature dropped below 45 ℃ loading container, loading container of the optimum temperature is 29.4 ~ 43.3 ℃. When finished, the finished sauce should be moved less and cooked for more than 48 hours. Vacuum packing is usually used (preferably in toothpaste type).

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how to make flour coated peanut snack?

  1. The raw material processing

(1) put the sugar in 60-70 ℃ warm water open the standby.

Mix the dried flour and baking soda. Mix the salt in.

(3) will fry to eight mature peanut coating machine into 50 to 60 cm in diam., take a spoon will melt the sugar water (about one teaspoon) the peanut moistened, with no rain down sugar water, sugar water sprinkle evenly mix on the peanut, instead of condensation in the pelvic floor.

(4) mix, began to sprinkle starch, peanut action, such as mix sugar water also, sprinkle a little sugar water, shake well, sprinkle a layer of starch immediately, so repeated, until the peanuts on the upper mm starch, poured into the half spoon edible oil with a spoon, temporarily don’t starch: stay when oil and starch, sprinkle sugar water, stirring, until about 1 mm thick with the starch with peanuts, and then poured into the half spoon of cooking oil, stir well. Spread the peanuts on the table or in a large container to keep them from sticking.

2. Fried

Oil to burn to the blue smoke, every time into two big bowls of embryo and stir constantly, in order to avoid the sink in the bottom of the pot peanuts all Fried paste, fry black, had been a blow to both oil level, and the sauce yellow, remove, add the second secondary embryos, so repeated, done so far.

3. Mixing materials

Will add peanut remaining sugar water, again in a bowl of white granulated sugar, boil syrup shape around 300 grams of water (keep) filed a spoon of sugar water into a glass filaments, rather than a trickle of falling, then will be grounded, 13 powder, stir in chili powder into boil good syrup. Stir the Fried peanut beans together with the hot and spicy ingredients in a large bowl or saucepan.

Use the coated peanut production line, you can get flour coated peanuts, sugar coated peanuts, salt, chocolate coated peanuts etc.

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peanut flour coated



Method Making Egg Tart

Ingredients: low gluten flour, high gluten flour, magelline, milk, cream, condensed milk, sugar, eggs, cheese powder

Said about 270 g strong flour, the flour into the basin, and then said about 30 grams of bread flour, add a little water will face and evenly, says about 250 grams of maggie Lin again, and 100 grams of each piece of maggie Lin, 100 grams of maggie Lin cut into strips and then cut into small pieces, and small pieces of maggie Lin to be included in the flour, continue with noodles, plus a small amount of water

Take about 250 grams of magicalene, the sheet magicalene with plastic wrap, with a rolling pin knock, the magicalinthin. Here’s a hint: after the tapping, magdalene has good malleability. The thickness of the marcelline should be about the same as the consistency of the dough.

20 minutes passed quickly, let’s open the refrigerator, take out, open the cling film take out, rolling into a rest will be another half a centimeter thick, the edge of the knife to cut out excess, then by the roll up into the rest on another, rolled it is ok, or roll surface with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes, let to relax.

Put the tarts in the oven and bake. Bake at about 220 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes. To give the tart a better color, place it close to the top of the heating tube for a minute.

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Potato Tomato Grinding Machine for Sale


Multi-purpose potato grinding machine is made up of stainless steel, stainless steel colloid mill, and the enclosed colloid mill, in-line colloid mill, titanium dioxide colloid mill, multi-function homogeneous emulsion colloid mill unit and other special structure and special equipment made of materials, the basic principles of tomato grinding machine is fluid or semiliquid material through high-speed relative correlation between the tooth and tooth, make the materials by mechanical shearing force, friction force and high frequency vibration and many other effects, effectively shatter, emulsion, homogeneous, temperature, etc., and then get the product we want.

The basic structural characteristics of tomato grinding machine are: the machine is generally divided into vertical and horizontal specifications. The main part is composed of shell, stator, rotor, regulating mechanism, cooling mechanism, motor, etc. The use unit or individual may choose the colloid mill of different specifications according to the characteristics of different materials, production efficiency, different USES and different types of potato grinding machine so as to achieve the best effect.

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How to make peanut candy by roaster machine?

After having tasted so many delicious snacks, did you have a heart attack on homemade snacks? If you have any, join me in making peanut candy by peanuts nut roaster machine.

First of all, we prepare the raw materials:

250 grams of peanuts, 100 grams of white sugar, 60 grams of maltose, and salad oil 30ml.

Then we operate according to the following production methods:

1, turn the peanut oven temperature to 150 degrees, then bake the peanuts for 25 minutes and rub off the red coat. Using oven to heat peanuts can achieve better mixing with sugar.

2, the sugar in the pot, water without sugar. After 20 minutes, add maltose. When the sugar is dissolved and evaporated, add the salad oil to the syrup when it is thicker. Please note that it is suggested that you mix it slowly at this time.

3. Add peanuts quickly and stir evenly. Pour them in the baking pan that is pre painted, and then press it flat. Note that this action should be quick because the solidification is quicker.

4, at last, cut it into a small rectangular piece with a small width when it is slightly cooled.

It’s easy to make peanuts in a peanut oven. It’s good for all the snacks that are made. You might as well go home and make delicious peanuts for your family.

Peanut roasting machine is mainly used for the baking or drying of peanut, peanut, chestnut, walnut, almond, broad bean, coffee bean, melon seed and other granular materials. It uses rotary drum, heat conduction, heat radiation principle, and uses coal as fuel. The production cost of the peanut baking machine is low (the baked goods are not exposed to the fire when baked). It has been proved by the use of many peanut production plants that the machine has the advantages of convenient use, high efficiency, energy saving and durability. Roasted products are of good quality, hygiene and taste, which can meet export standards.

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Peanut Butter Manufacturing Machinery Plant

Peanut butter manufacturing machinery plant in China, peanut butter is made of high quality peanuts and other raw materials, the finished product is hard and muddy, high quality peanut butter is generally light rice yellow, fine quality, rich aroma, no impurities. The general population can eat; how is this delicious peanut butter made? And what equipment is it processed?

Peanut butter manufacturing machinery manufacturer, peanut butter is usually made by selecting, hot soup, cooling, stripping, rinsing, beating, grinding, homogenizing, homogenization, sterilization, filling, cooling and so on. Then its equipment has a selection machine, a blanching machine, a cooling machine, a bactericidal machine, a grinding machine, a homogenizer, a filling machine, etc. Equipment composition;

Our company is a company specializing in the production of food machinery, the company has more than a dozen designers engaged in mechanical research, the company mainly produces pasteurized line, cleaning machine, air dryer, press, blanching machine, and so on, of course, it includes the whole processing line of peanut butter;

The peanut butter manufacturing equipment produced by the company is made of 304 stainless steel with the exception of bearings and motor pumps. The equipment should be set up to better remove the silt. We will design different sizes of equipment and equipment based on your output and the size of your packing bag and the size of the bottle. The degree is set at any time between 65-98 degrees. All the equipment and equipment are guaranteed before you leave the factory.

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Industrial Coffee Powder Packing Machine for Sale

Over the years, the powder products have been increasing. At this time, the coffee powder packing machine should highlight its own characteristics and win and win with its own quality.

Packaging machinery industry has been developing for many years, and the powder packing machine has made great contributions and achievements. It helps a lot of industries to meet the demand of the market. The machine is specially equipped with advanced material level switch, electrostatic eliminating device and vacuum cleaner. The problem of fully automatic dust packaging is effectively solved. All the production materials are made of stainless steel. The contact parts of the material are made of national sanitary grade (316) stainless steel, which fully meet the requirements of medical GMP. The liquid crystal control panel is easier to control the operation and look more advanced and advanced.

Environmental protection is the current trend of the times, as the packaging machinery industry is the same, but also must make appropriate changes in the appropriate time, so that the packaging of goods to reflect the characteristics of environmental protection, in the market will be popular. Transformation is necessary, but it is necessary to strike at the right time to get a harvest, because the frequency of the new product updates is faster, and after we have spent a long time and a lot of energy and money to design new products, or be imitated by other manufacturers in the market, it is widely spread in the market. Or replaced by other manufacturers, which we don’t want to see. Therefore, timely transformation is very important. Even if we want to transform, we must seize the opportunity.

If you want to know more about the coffee powder packing machine, just feel free to contact us.

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